Recent Adventures Triggering Happy Memories

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I find it amazing on how having access to a particular tool puts me “back in the game” of blogging better. What is this tool? The ability to e-mail back everyone that has been leaving me a comment! Strangely enough, I had to keep all my mail on the server and download to my “play” harddrive which can make things difficult. Now my SquirrelMail is back and I can readily answer everyone. Oh the memories that technology can bring back — Hip-hip, HURRAH!

To quote myself from the NASCAR Knitting KAL, “This week has been so crazy for me at work.” Today I worked from home to figure out what is wrong with the house (besides the oversized mass of yarn). There seems to be a plumbing problem, and my sense of smell is going crazy with the intermittent sewage odors. All I could think is that if my nose cannot stand the awfulness, I hope the bunnies are not hating us. Rabbits have such a keen sense of smell to detect predators and other dangers.

Notice the above Clapotis for a special someone? I still need to get some other goodies to go with it. I used the single balled-hank of Brooks Farm’s Harmony in Soulful. At first I felt guilty in gifting it because I bought the yarn at a bargain and thought I should keep it for myself. Then I realized that being able to find such a steal, knit it up, then part with it will be appreciated. (At least that is what I keep telling myself!) This scarf Clappy has 7 rows of dropped stitches on its 16-inch width, and I forgot the count of the repeats on its 66-inch length. I only have a 2-inch ball leftover, and may knit up a little sock or mitten out of it. The photo below is part of the stash enhancement experience I had last weekend. In order beginning from left to right, here is the purchased sock yarn for Sock Madness:

    1 Hank of Cherry Tree Hill’s Supersock Merino in Cabin Fever
    2 Cakes of Wool in the Wood’s Cherub in Grappa
    2 Hanks of Yarnsmiths’ 70% Angora 20% Lambswool & 10% Nylon Painted Yarn in Seafoam
    1 Hank of Mountain Colors’ Bearfoot in Obsidian
    2 Hanks of Artyarns’ Supermerino in Color #123

This week, I was just thinking how cool it would be if a bunch of knitters had a sign for the “Today Show” and “Good Morning America” on Thursday and Friday mornings. That would be an awesome tribute to Stephanie! I may have to spend Wednesday night at my cousin’s in Stamford, then take the train out early Thursday morning. Anyone game to try this out with me on the 22nd please e-mail me or comment on this post.

Tomorrow I will be visiting Sweet Binks at the Pet Expo in Providence and stopping in on Mary’s 50% Clearance sale for “Yarns at Lacewings”. As for Sunday, my passed FIL’s first year memorial Mass is 10AM at St. Elizabeth’s in Bristol, and then I have testing to do for work afterwards. Squeeze in shipping out my Blanket of Hope squares, yarn group therapy, Sock Madness knitting, and Nextel Cup Racing — that is my schedule this weekend. I will do my best to post tomorrow’s adventures. =:8

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  1. I’m there. I could meet you somewhere (Stamford, Grand Central?) and do a NYC yarn crawl, then hit the book signing.

    It might even be warm then.

  2. Busy weekend! And I’d love to meet in Portsmouth – but what tea shop??? Right now I’m in NJ but I’ll email you when I get home and we’ll try to come up with a time that is good for both of us! By the way, beautiful colors for your Clapotis!

  3. Do you have a septic system? If so, have you had it pumped? We hadn’t had ours done in 12 years (because we had no clue) and ohmyGod the stench…

    Beautiful Clapotis – and lovely sock yarn!

  4. I will knit something to hang on my door to show my support of the 800 who I believe will show up for Stephanie! Off to see if there is any new 50% posted I can LOOK at!, LOL!

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