VOGUE Knitting Live Radiates NYC Energy

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Our room at the Flatotel
Our room at the Flatotel
A week ago my lifetime BFF and I had just packed up our belongings from the Flatotel to leave the Big Apple. We had driven in that Friday for VOGUEKnitting Live so I could meet up with a couple of folks and see many friends. I was very excited to attend this show since I was not able to last year, and my giddiness was very apparent when we arrived. We checked into the comfortable room, and even with its “Project Runway” hype, the price per night was a steal.

Since we arrived late into Friday night, we decided to walk from our hotel to the Hilton to see what to expect in the morning. It was a pleasant surprise that we literally walked out of the Flatotel and around the street corner to get there. As we stepped into the lobby, we saw the Miskins of The Buffalo Wool Company and the Landras from Koigu. We chatted for a bit, then set out to find a bite to eat.

Salmon BACON -- You read correctly!
Salmon BACON -- You read correctly!
Though my BFF is not a city-person, he enjoyed the late-night air as we walked around. We stumbled into a grocery/deli that had not only ready-made foods, but was a full-blown grocery. We picked up sandwiches, hummus, pita chips (the ones made in Brooklyn!), plastic utensils, and plates. I saw something that I think my pals Kate Lemmers, Tanya Brooks, and Laurie Prestia would love – salmon BACON. With sated appetites, we readied ourselves for a busy, but wonderful weekend.

The inspirational colors and yarns as you walk to the 2nd floor market at VOGUE Knitting Live in NYC 2012

The next morning VKLive was as busy as you can imagine. The Registration area booths were fully-staffed with able volunteers, and the wait for us to check in for our badges was very short. I liked that the coat check was across from the Registration booths. Folks had the option to check their things in there first, or register. As we walked towards the Market, we saw my friend Alasdair Post-Quinn (aka “falling blox” on Ravelry and author of “Extreme Double Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Colorwork”) who had finished his “52 Pick up Scarf” — a double-knitting pattern of all 54 cards in a deck. I can see this fingering-weight scarf pattern being made into a blanket using a heavier yarn like worsted weight, and it looks like that is what at least one person is doing. To illustrate what it takes to make this amazing scarf, it utilizes 54 charts and is 115 pages long. For a closer look at the scarf, click on Alasdair’s photo below.

Alasdair and his 52 Pick-up Scarf

We popped in the first floor of the market, chatted with Drew Emborsky (The Crochet Dude) about his expanding line at Boye (some really cool stuff is coming!), gave quick hugs to friends we ran into, and was tickled to see the “Amazing Man” yarn mummy sitting at Lion Brand Studio’s booth. I did not get a photo of him, but here is Patty’s post featuring him. Instead, I was too gushy over the garments that Doris Chan crocheted out of their stainless steel yarn and the stickers that I received. Aren’t they cool? They are perfectly-sized to put on my laptop. Big thanks for the Lion Brand crew for a great booth!

Lion Brand stickers added to my laptop

In the Yarn Tasting Lounge, I ran into Dorian (aka “simplyme5252” on Ravelry), one of the women I met at last year’s CampKIP. She was wearing this GORGEOUS orange Victoria Buttoned Raglan designed by Kirsten Hipsky that I could not help but drool over.

Dorian and SBL at the Yarn Tasting Lounge_mSomeBunnysLove.comThe Blue Sky Alpaca Crew!

I also was able to snap a quick shot of the very cool women behind Blue Sky Alpacas. In the above photo, Katie on the right is responsible for their upbeat Twitter feed.

Ken Wing of Leilani Arts with their Hnadspun Mink Yarn
Ken Wing of Leilani Arts with their Handspun Mink Yarn
At the Leilani Arts booth, we gave hugs to Melissa Leapman and Ken Wing since BFF had not seen them since STITCHES South. They congratulated us on our marriage, and proceeded to tempt us with one of their new yarns — handspun mink. For a closeup of this luxurious yarn, click on the photo. This stuff is as decadent as their handspun angora. It is SOFT!

Riin Gill of Happy Fuzzy Yarn in Michigan
Riin Gill of Happy Fuzzy Yarn in Michigan
While in the first floor of the market, I finally was able to see my fellow bunny-lover pal Riin Gill of Happy Fuzzy Yarn! She is one of the sweetest and nicest folks (like there are not any mean ones in the fiber-making world, right?) and I was able to convince my BFF to buy a skein of yarn that caught my eye. The colorway’s name is so fitting:
Chocolate and Butterscotch.

Chocolate and Butterscotch Sock yarn for SBL

One of the best parts of this VOGUEKnitting Live show is the boutique-feeling I had wherever I went. In discovering that there were only 70 vendors, it seemed there were far more because of the energizing NYC-vibration. Every time I went by booths like the Buffalo Wool Company, JazzTurtle, Yarn Cupboard, Jill Draper Makes Stuff, Berroco Yarns, SOAK Wash, Knitty City, Creatively Dyed, Fine Points, Woolstock Yarn, Bijou Basin Ranch, Stitch Red by Jimmy Beans Wool, and many others, they were busy. The first booth at the door, Woolmark, had amazing samples of their yarn. In the VOGUE Knitting booth, I was able to chat with my friend Deborah Newton and purchase a copy of her new book, Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters.

The crowd inside Buffalo Wool Company's boothSomeBunnysLove.comDeborah Newton signing my book!SomeBunnysLove.comDeborah Newton's latest book, Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters

Brandon Mably fake fan-boying over Lily Chin
Brandon Mably fake fan-boying over Lily Chin
As much as there was eye-popping “OMG” gorgeousness in the free (yes, you read correctly, FREE!) fashion shows and booths, there was also some fun to be had among friends. There was lots of mischief to be had during and after classes, and I think this little scene with Lily Chin and Brandon Mably demonstrates it quite well. Her reaction was as expected…

Brandon Mably fake fan-boying over Lily Chin


What would constitute “OMG” moments for me? How about seeing Ana’s MiniMoochi dioramas in person, or a stunning crocheted wedding dress?

A Beautiful Crocheted Wedding Dress

A cool knitter of the press I was able to meet in person was Pam MacKenzie. This news reporter (updated with correct info, thanks Pam!) does great diligence to keep everyone abreast of the latest and greatest bits in our industry. Her website and Facebook Knitters group are chock-full of articles, postings, and all sorts of cool items to read. Her latest posts are on Laura Bryant, Franklin Habit, and Candace Eisner Strick. Be sure to read about her thorough audit of Shirley Paden’s class. She even wrote an article about little ol’ me. Thanks, Pam! <3 SBL and Pam MacKenzie

Towards the Market’s end, there was a panel of fiber industry leaders who gave a frank discussion on what it takes to be working in the “crafting side” of fashion. Like the fashion shows during the market, this free session was very well-received by attendees and vendors alike.

Panel of leaders discussing working in the fiber industry

Now for the other fun things that I did not cover with photographs…

  • I met in person for the second time of my life Kate Lemmers, and was able to introduce my BFF to her. They REALLY hit it off, and I see mischief the next time we are together with Kate’s husband!
  • Vickie Howell never ceases to amaze me with her passion for all to learn knitting. It’s hard to believe that her Clover is now 2 years-old since I first met them in 2009 at Massachusetts.
  • Chatting with Doris Chan about her garments and work in crochet is always fun. We discussed our first meeting at Rhinebeck so long ago and our recent meet up at Marlaina Bird‘s Designers Dinner last June at TNNA.
  • Connie Chang ChinChio’s quiet humility stunned me, and made me a bigger fan of her. I had congratulated her on Textured Stitches success, and she had no idea it was such a hit.
  • When in New York City, there are two things as must-eats for me: a slice of NY-style pizza and a bagel. Sadly I did not get the latter, but did enjoy my bag of Brooklyn Pita Chips. Those were awesome with hummus!
  • It is possible to eat cheaply with the loads of restaurants and street vendors in the surrounding blocks — all are within walking distance of the Hilton Hotel and very worth it.
  • Hanging out with friends after the show part is over makes the best fun. Carol Sulcoski, Mary Beth Temple, Trisha Malcolm, Erin Slonaker, Linda Pratt, Taiu and Kersti Landra, Mari Lynn Patrick, Ron and Theresa Miskin, Caity of Stitch Red, Cirilia Rose and other names that are on the tip of my tongue. You all are awesome!!
  • You never know what can happen during drinks with Jan Anderson, Jennie of YarnSisters, Kara Gott Warner, Brooke Nico & Robyn Schrager of the Kirkwood Knittery, Brandon Mably, and Franklin Habit. Oh wait, there IS one!

Franklin donning Brandon's favorite hat

Huge apologies for the super-long post, but I could not imagine not sharing the many details that we experienced that weekend. Stay tuned for additional posts on the projects that began due to this trip to the Big Apple! =:8

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  1. Kimberly, I loved meeting you and your BFF/hubby. And I loved all your pix here and also hearing about your time at VKL because you got to do a few things I missed. Just in case my bosses read this, though, I did want to let you know that I still report about real e state and other stuff for the Courier News and Home News Tribune. My InStitches Knitting blog, which is quite popular, is like the icing on the cake, but it’s not the only thing I do for the papers. I’ve covered everything from business openings to murders, and still do. ;D You are a gem. Keep up all the good work.

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