I admit to fiber obesity

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(Here is a cross from a post I wrote on the Stashalong)

I seriously need a yarn diet. Anyone know a good “trainer” to get me back in shape? Because I was paid in yarn while working the weekends at my LYS from last September until this past February, I figured each week gave me $120-150 of fiber. I started getting smart; I would trade in bulks of the lesser-priced yarn that I previously picked up for the more expensive stuff. (Though you would have never noticed from how I packed everything into my bins!)

To follow Marji’s lead, I really should get my stash into some sort of spreadsheet or database. However, I do have some projects in line, including at least 2 baby sweaters with matching blankets, and a lap afghan that I was asked to make for someone’s wedding present. I just need to finish the decrease section of this Clapotis and I’ll be all set to start de-stashing…

Meanwhile, I promise not to buy any more yarn beginning on April 1st until June 1st!

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  1. This is going to be hard-I’ll hold your hand through it for you. 🙂
    Unfortunately, my yarn diet was sparked by lack of fiber funds and not an overflowing stash.

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