The Ides marks 45 days

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I sat and did a quick calculation of how much time I had left before Simon’s Christening, and realized that I had exactly 45 days to get Margie’s afghan and Simon’s sweater/blanket done. In the middle of those projects, I also have 2 other baby sweaters and my cousin’s family of hats to knit up. I hope to use up more stash, and be able to get my bins a little more empty. Of course, that would mean I would have to fill them back up… (Just kidding, Hunny!!) And I did finish Beverly’s Clapotis… Which means I finished both my Kwan and Hughes contenders.

So here is the list of To-do’s needing to be made up:
Simon’s Christening set – sweater and blanket by Country Child
Margie’s wedding afghan – my own design (pattern is charted out)
Anita’s baby set – Oakland Raiders baby Uggs and blanket
Rasha’s yoga set – Namaste bag and socks
Per’s daughter’s sweater – baby kimono design by Gina Macris

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