My very awesome Secret Pal!

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For some really cool news, my Secret Pal is an absolute LOVE! Her box of goodies arrived on Monday, and that night I carefully opened the package up to find 2 gift bags stuffed with yarn, needles, vanilla-scented items, a dark chocolate bunny, and of course bunny treats. 🙂
**Please note, there are a good number of pictures, so your patience will be tested.**

Opening the box

Under the pretty paper

Back of bunny-bag

In the “Spoiled” bag…
2 skeins of Schoeller-Esslinger Fortissma Cottolana sock yarn
2 skeins of Reggio Exclusive Sock Yarn
2 sets of Addi Turbo US-01 circular needles (16″ and 24″)
vanilla goodies for my car and bathtub

In the “Bunny” bag…
CTH (another Clapotis, maybe?)
Nature Spun (a hint I now know 🙂 )
dark chocolate bunny (Lindt = YUM!)
bunny treats for the fur-kids (they DANCE for these things!)
and a really COOL choker/necklace (next photo)

The bunny choker

Now a closer shot

And last, but NOT least…
Cat’s sock book and Fiber Trend’s felted bunny pattern!
Now you know what the Nature Spun is for. 😉

Thank you Ilmatar for being such a great Secret Pal!

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  1. I do hope you enjoy everything. I did make that necklace special for you. The bunnies on it ar “See no evil” “Hear no evil” and “Speak no evil”

    The next box won’t be as big. Do enjoy everything!


  2. Very generous package with great goodies. You are one lucky lady! Are those hear no evil speak no evil bunnies in bone?

  3. That fabulous choker does have “Hear/See/Speak No Evil” bunnies. I am not sure if they are in bone, but they are really neat!

  4. Yup, those little bunnies are out of bone. I got them on a trip to Tucson duing the Gem & Mineral shows that go on for a month.

    They were a fun find.


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