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Rewarding Kept Resolutions

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With the New Year on high, I figured it was about time to put my 2007 Resolutions (I like how Mamacate used the word “intentions” instead). This year, instead of saying generic phrases like “Lose weight and get in shape” or “Use up my yarn stash” I decided a reward program was needed to keep the motivation. Now in order to get certain actions turned into habits, I tied in a schedule that can be loosely followed with the nights I am out. The goals do seem obtainable. (At least I am hoping so!) 😉

Walking 1-2 miles a day for “100 Miles by April 1st”
“New” jeans (my barely-worn Levi’s 501s that I outgrew) and 100g of chocolate for every 5 pounds of weight lost

Run the Shamrock Marathon 8k and the Gaspee Days 5K
Throwing a party during the Gaspee Days Parade (everyone’s invited!)

Eating healthy at home — take out or fast food once a week
Dinner at a fave restaurant each quarter (Mahi Mah’s, 10 Prime, Neath’s, and not sure)

Doing my household chores before all hobbies
Blogging, reading, and “fibering”

Updating and maintaining my site and commenting more on my friends’ blogs listed in Bloglines
Catching up and meeting fellow Bloggers with FOs to show.

Crocheting and knitting from the stash
For every 500g 1000g destashed (note that does not state HOW I get rid of the yarn), 100g can be purchased

Reading 1 book per month (Edit: 50 pages per day) while working on my UFOs (see Kat with a K)
Finishing 1 crossword or Sudoko (Oops, a typo!) puzzle each night before bed

And finally, vaulting toward the lifestyle goals I yearn (new better job, better home, more bunnies, neater gadgets, etc.) and laughing gracefully if I miss the leap. =:8

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  1. Great goals and great idea to break them down into manageable and measurable sections. And having rewards for each goal met is so important. I can’t wait to see you fly through your goals!!!

  2. Ah, walking a 100 miles by April 1st is a great idea! Course this is coming from your blog buddy that is the loon who does walking marathons!

    Will have to consider joining the UFO Resurrection 2007 gang. Lordy, I’ve got so many things that either have been started and left to gather dust or yarn in many skeins waiting to be started.

  3. I like the “Intention” rather than “Resolutions”; it’s more doable. I’ll be joining you on the 100 Miles by April 1, though most of mine will be on the treadmill.

    I’d love to go on a yarn crawl, and Karen (of the first comment) would probably join us.

  4. Those are great resolutions – I joined the 100 miles by April 1 thing, but I’m thinking about trying to run a race per month in 2007. Hmmm….

  5. Another exercise fiend who has bunnies? How many of us are there, I wonder? We should start a bunny team! The pic of your beautiful black bunny on your blog looks exactly like my Oscar. He’s also a New Zealand Black. They have the silkiest coats and most gorgeous long ears, don’t they?

  6. Your new year’s “intentions” could be mine–are we related? I’ve decided to knit from my stash, am working on getting back into my regularly scheduled exercise regiment, and should, for marital harmony, do more household chores before my hobbies. Amazing–good luck to us both!

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