Updated: A Contest and a Meme

Posted on 19, April 2006 by

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Okay folks, Kat has a neat contest going on (many thanks to Debbie for posting it on her site) that asks you to name 5 places that you have KIP (knitted in public) besides home and yarn store(s). Because I have absolutely NO qualms about KIP, I am trying to list places not so common (like government-run offices). Here goes nuttin!

  • the local bowling alley (hey now, I was able to get a lot of Namaste done!)
  • during the countdown for 2006 at a New Year’s Texas Hold ’em Poker Party (just say THAT 10 times fast!)
  • waiting room of the local emergency veterinary hospital (my bunnies were fighting ๐Ÿ™ )
  • garden courtyard at work — had sent IM to co-workers in the middle of a conference call that I MUST be left alone to de-stress
  • …And my all-time favorite memory
    (my husband and friends were NOT amused)

  • on a 4-poster bed in the VIP room of a martini bar (the big bouncer actually came over and discussed what his mom crochets!) the place is The Grind in Cranston, RI

For the second half of this post, I found on JickyMcJickster, the Meme for
Search for your Birthdate in Wikipedia and then pick 3 events, 3 Births and 3 Deaths to share. November 25th…

C’mon now people, jump on in. The water’s still warm!!
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