Updated: A Contest and a Meme

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Okay folks, Kat has a neat contest going on (many thanks to Debbie for posting it on her site) that asks you to name 5 places that you have KIP (knitted in public) besides home and yarn store(s). Because I have absolutely NO qualms about KIP, I am trying to list places not so common (like government-run offices). Here goes nuttin!

  • the local bowling alley (hey now, I was able to get a lot of Namaste done!)
  • during the countdown for 2006 at a New Year’s Texas Hold ’em Poker Party (just say THAT 10 times fast!)
  • waiting room of the local emergency veterinary hospital (my bunnies were fighting 🙁 )
  • garden courtyard at work — had sent IM to co-workers in the middle of a conference call that I MUST be left alone to de-stress
  • …And my all-time favorite memory
    (my husband and friends were NOT amused)

  • on a 4-poster bed in the VIP room of a martini bar (the big bouncer actually came over and discussed what his mom crochets!) the place is The Grind in Cranston, RI

For the second half of this post, I found on JickyMcJickster, the Meme for
Search for your Birthdate in Wikipedia and then pick 3 events, 3 Births and 3 Deaths to share. November 25th…

C’mon now people, jump on in. The water’s still warm!!
Edit: UGH!! Okay WordPress, FINE… I give up!!
I will accept whatever spacing you set!! ARGH!!

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  1. REALLY! You get to see her!? SO LUCKY!!!! If you can, I would love if you could please get an autographed copy of her book for me. Thank you so much if you can! I will send you yarn or whatever you want 🙂 THANK YOU!
    That Harlot is something else, isn’t she? She brought out the inner Knitter (yes, that’s Knitter with a capital K) in me…and the huge fiber obsessed monster you see before you. I would be a new monster on Sesame Street…

  2. you are so totally awesome! oh my gosh, thank you thank you thank you! and i am DYING to hear more about your encounter with THE Yarn Harlot! Now to go talk to the LYS’s around here to see if they can arrange something….They’re rather small and cozy, so I think perhaps a gathering at one of the book stores would better accomodate her. *squeal* i’m so excited! Thank you again! 🙂

  3. You are now my 3rd friend that birthday is on Nov 25th! How bizarre. My 1st friend I’ve known for 16 years and the other I’ve known for 10.

    So did you meet the Harlot?

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