Being Sick, Yoga, and Meeting a Rock Star

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My apologies again. In thinking I could get stuff done yesterday, I have something going on with my sinuses that Dayquil hides during the day and makes me ditzy. HUSH! Please, no comments from the Peanut Gallery! So with yesterday being Saturday, I figured my body could use the break from the medicine. Boy was I a MESS. Finally I took some Nyquil to escape the sinus demons sleep, but I am still not myself. I need to get a hold of Helene and let her know there is no way I can go to Rasha’s yoga class today. You would think that would be as easy as picking up the phone, but Helene (just moved from Denmark with her husband) is in the process of moving into an apartment with Mikkel, and they checked out of their hotel. I am hoping both their cell phones are on this early morning. I also hope that Rasha will not be upset if for my bailing out, but yoga positions with clogged sinus cavities do not sound appetizing.

Now for some yarn content… I finally took some pictures of the yarn to be posted on eBay. The descriptions will be matter-of-fact bits of info. Right now I have up for grabs Rowan’s Summer Tweed and Magpie, Mainstay’s worsted, Caron’s Simply Soft, Jaeger’s Trinity and Odessa, and Catalina worsted. The six Catalina hanks I bought to make two alpaca Clapotis in bubblegum pink and taupe tweed, but I am sure someone else would be able to use the yarn. Be on the lookout for great bargains from my stash!

Thursday was pretty surreal for me. I worked from 6:30 to 12:30PM so I would not have to use up much vacation time for the trip up to Boston. I did my usual fixes and my weekly Thursday conference call. I also warned the guys in the office that I would not be available unless it was an emergency. Thankfully they left me alone after I signed off my laptop.

I picked up Helene at her hotel and we drove over to Providence Station to take the commuter rail to Boston’s South Station. She had luckily brought a sandwich from Panera bread and took it with her on the train. I had unfortunately forgotten to bring some lunch, but managed to grab a bagel and a drink at Au Bon Pain. We chowed down on our lunches also talked about the different types of chocolate desserts in the States and what a contrast they were to those served in Denmark.
The train ride was your typical commute to Boston, except the windows were all frosty from the dirt and sandy grime. I was a bit bummed because the scenery is pretty neat to see. Instead of talking about the view, I started talking about Stephanie, and her blog.
I explained to Helene how Stephanie was aptly described as a rock star to the knitting world, and how she started the Knitting Olympics. I told her that folks who read my blog would do what we were doing now to meet Stephanie. Helene looked a bit incredulous, but she smiled and nodded. I think what was in store for us would take us both by surprise.

We arrived in Cambridge’s Porter Square early and walked a bit before heading into Porter Square Books. I bought the books I wanted Stephanie to sign, and made sure we knew where she was going to be. With all the talk on chocolate dessert, Helene and I figured we could find a cafe that served something to stop the chocolate vision in our heads. We soon realized there was the Uno Pizzeria was down the street, and settled into some outdoor seats under a huge umbrella. The chocolate monsters in us were satisfied with the huge Brownie Bowl. Unfortunately I did not think of taking a picture of it before it was devoured. But take our word, it hit the spot!

When we arrived at the Masonic temple, there were a number of people already there. Luckily there were some seats up front in the row where fellow BKOAC Committee members, Patience Boyd and President Lucy (the owner of Mind’s Eye Yarns and organizer of this event), were sitting. I introduced Helene to them, and told them how I dragged subjected a non-knitter from Denmark into this event. We discussed the amazing amount of folks who were coming, and as we spoke, they were pouring in. I spotted Stephanie talking a few folks in the back, and asked Lucy if it would be okay to sneak in the line. Lucy did not think it would be an issue, so I grabbed a couple of books and my camera to see if the Yarn Harlot could sign them. After asking Stephanie’s permission to take her picture (she was a bit taken back since most of the time folks just shoot and the unexpected flashes catch her off guard), I shot a photo of her knitting her latest project while she was talking to us.

I told Stephanie that I worked a crazy set of hours and took a train and subway to come see her. I also told her how a blogger friend in Atlanta (that’s YOU Debbie!) helped motivate me into coming up. In my blabbering nervousness idiocity, I mentioned that Jette, a Danish knitting friend, owns a publishing company and is looking for English books to translate for her customers. The last question I asked was if she is planning on a tour to Hawaii because another Hawaiian blogger friend (Jill, you reading this?) would LOVE to see her. Through all my rushed words, the petite Yarn Harlot nodded and smiled. Stephanie shook her head in disbelief when I mentioned about the work hours. I could picture Wayne and Garth from the movie Wayne’s World running out and bowing down while screaming “We’re not WORTHY!” She did say that she had gone to Hawaii and loved the trip, but could not find any yarn stores. If there was anyone who wanted to organize her tour in Hawaiian shops, she would be happy to go. Also, it was neat that folks in Europe would want to read her book. I stood there stunned with the comments, and let the excitement build inside. I became a giddy schoolgirl at a rock concert when I walked back to my seat. What I had no clue on was that Kathy (known as Grumperina) was sitting directly behind me! Whoa! How cool is that? Patience and I listened while she talked about the Japanese shawl pattern mistake that she figured the solution for. More small talk, then Lucy introduced Stephanie…

Stephanie took her customary pictures of the crowd, and began her well-written speech. She talked how it was like being her cool record producer husband’s wife amongst all the shallow Hollywood stick types who couldn’t fathom knitting. She talked about starting the Knitting Olympics, and how the non-knitters reacted to the overwhelming amount of participants. She gave a demonstration on what a Knitting Olympics announcer would say while the rush was on. It was during all the laughter when I realized who she reminded me of. I had a vision of Rita Rudner, except this comedianne happens to be Canadian and knits. Am I crazy?? (Please don’t answer that one!)

After the talk, we all piled in a line for Stephanie to sign our books. Here is the view we had in front of us. See if you can spot Jaywalker-creator Kathy. Click on the photo to see her.

And shot of the folks behind us. While waiting in line, more blogger sitings were rampant: Christine, originator of the Turtle Olympics and the entire Team MIT crew, Team Boston, and there was little ol’ me representing Team Clapotis.

And of course the photos of us with Stephanie.

Revived from Stephanies’ energizing talk I dragged Helene to Downtown Crossing to check out some shops. We sort of got stuck in Macy’s because all the exit signs pointed to non-exit areas, and ended up checking out Filene’s. I am glad we did because I bought a couple of items that were absolute STEALS. On the way to the South Station, I took a picture of the Boston sky to capture the night’s memory for Sandy.

Weird how that moon popped out! Here is a shot of the Providence skyline for the final stop, and by then it was 9:30PM. What a fun-filled way to spend an afternoon and evening!

Edit: Btw, a neat note to add if you read Stephanie’s blog entry on her Cambridge visit. I am in the left-side photo near the front!! Woo-hoo! I’m in a famous knitting blog! =:8

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so bad – sinus troubles are such a drag. And I agree, they certainly would not mix well with yoga. The trip to meet the Rock Star sounds wonderful!! I loved your detailed account . . . I almost feel like I was there too. I remember the Pizzeria Uno from when I went to college outside of Cambridge!! Glad to hear it’s still there. 🙂

  2. First off, please DO feel better. Poor thing, nothing worse than out of control sinuses!
    Your day sounds fabulous from old friends to new.
    And that night sky? Well, you KNEW how I’d feel about that, didn’t you?
    Thanks for sharing it all!

  3. Aghhhh, how cool!!!!! Oh, I’m so glad you went to see her and of course I loved that you told all about the experience. So does your friend still think we knitters are all a bit quacked? That shawl she has on is to die for!

    Oh, in one of your photos is a guy ( Guido at ) that has a podcast I just started listening to. Was listen to either Cast On or Knitcast and Franklin from was talking about finding Guido’s new podcast and that it was a “hoot”.

    Way, way cool!

    Oh, yeah, in all the excitement almost forgot . . . hope you feel better.

  4. wow, look at that shawl! it looks like Kiri in Rowan KSH…!
    you took lots of great pictures at the event, too. it’s like you’ve had blog celebrity sightings all over the place. hehehe 🙂 i would totally be pulling a “We’re NOT WORTHY!” with you if i’d been there.
    take care of yourself, kimberly! get well soon!

  5. Oh how cool!! I wish she would come to Germany, but until then I will live through you. Thanks for the guided tour!
    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  6. Oh my goodness, I clicked on a photo, and then my face popped up all nice and big, grinning like an idiot! Hehe! It was nice to meet you, Kimberly!

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