Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

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The question of the week: How could something so small (6lbs) and cute (Zydeco, my Pissed off Ewok) like this

Cause such a raucous (about 45 minutes of it) when you have to medicate HIM???

More yarn content later…

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  1. Hi from Austria! Oops – couldn’t imagine this innocent looking little one causing any hassles whatsoever – but you never know, the innocent ones are the worst 🙂 Absolutely cute bunny though!

  2. I know how you feel. My Butterbean (2-4 lbs, depending on how many treats he has been eating) has covered me in scratches from times when I was trying to give him medicine. He’s kicked one vet in the face and made another bleed. Usually a muscular assistant is needed to hold the little pooper down. He HATES medicine. He hates the word “Burrito” because that’s what I call it when I try to wrap him in a towel. And yet, it’s hard not to love the little fella.

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