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A Knitting Pirate Turns 40

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When I turned thirty-nine last year, I spent it alone against my wishes. I had never done so, and I was terrified. Richie was in his bowling league that night, and all my local pals were away on Thanksgiving break or had family visiting. Even the knit nights at the North Attleborough Borders and Sue’s Yarn Basket were canceled, so there were no knitters around. I ended up making the most of the evening and treated myself to one of my favorite meals at L’Attitude – A Modern Eatery: a French toasted grilled brie sandwich accompanied with a glass of zinfandel.
My Actual 39th Birthday Dinner on November 25th, 2009
This year, I was determined NOT to be alone. I made sure of it by coming back home to Virginia Beach and spent this birthday as I should — with folks that I love and who love me.
My Birthday Cupcake Tower SBL's PaddingMy Birthday Ice Cream Pile, courtesy of Jeni's Ice Creams
The above shot is my birthday cupcake tower, and it was accompanied by what I consider my gift to me: pints of Jeni’s Ice Cream. As I am often heard saying to my closest friends and family: “Never let it be said that I had bad taste.”
Caesar and Julius finally bonded - 01SBL's PaddingCaesar and Julius finally bonded - 02
“Da Boys” were so cute during their visit. They never failed to make me smile with their antics. It took 3 years for them to bond, but I think the photos show the waiting was worth it!
Caesar and Julius finally bonded - 03SBL's PaddingCaesar and Julius finally bonded - 04
Not only did I spend time with my amazing family, but I also visited with my dearest friends Anita Garrison Kulp (Roommate from our days at Captain George’s and beyond) and J. Brett Swindell (old surfing buddy and former beau). In fact I ended up buying up some fabulous Festive Fig and Vanilla body wash from Bed & Bath Bodyworks thanks to Brett when I dropped in at Pembroke Mall’s Artistic Creations to see his incredible work of fish printing.
Anita and Kimber
When Anita picked me up from Ace’s (my family name for my sister) home, we had a plan on celebrating both our 40th birthdays at the Jewish Mother. My one birthday request was to hang out there for the guacamole and hummus, and then have a slice of spicy pizza from Chicho’s (aka Cho’s to us native “Block” busters). We had awesome fun in checking out the band Bimini Road, and of course becoming “Forty and Fabulous” was our mantra that night.
The Jewish Mother's Guac and Bagel ChipsSBL's PaddingThe Jewish Mother's Hummus and Pita Chips
SBL's Padding
Jewish Mother hosting the band Bimini RoadSBL's PaddingLast Stop at Chichos for spicy pizza and beer
All in all this Knitting Pirate handled turning 40 pretty well. And I am loving that most folks cannot believe my age! =:8

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