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Another Blog Convert and Baseball

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I did it! I talked Rasha into creating a blog so she can update everyone when she goes away to Nepal. This amazing woman has temporarily dropped from the engineering world and is going on a religious sabbatical. She has a choice to hike Mount Everest up to their base camp, which is 12000 feet high or go up another mountain (sorry, I forgot the name) which is 14000 feet high. Incredulous! Of course, now that she has a way to communicate with the world, come and tag her site. It is still in the process of being built, but please send her well wishes. 🙂

For those who have not noticed, I enjoy baseball, American football, rugby, and (thanks to Rich, the bugger) Nascar. Two days ago, I had the opportunity to grab a pair of Red Sox tickets. Normally a fading season combined with the expensive tickets would not interest me, but a friend at work had SRO Monster seats for last night’s game! SRO on the Monster? Am I crazy? Well, Schilling WAS the starting pitcher, and the SRO area is similar to how a restaurant bar would be set up. We had a ledge/bar that was about a foot deep for our food, drinks, and gadgets. Though the Red Sox end up losing the game, we witnessed Big Pappi’s 50th home run. By the time we left the ballpark on the Riverside T and drove back home, it was around midnight. I still had to get my interview outfit together, so my apologies for not posting last night’s adventure. 🙁

However, there is even more news! Work was as usual with the weekly morning meeting and typical testing. My interview went as expected; I survived the probing questions and now must wait for the results. While my stomach was in knots during the process, I know that I cannot control the outcome, so I might as well move on. And move on I did… If I can get Icarus blocked in time for Sunday, I just may have it for you all to see on Sunday! =:8

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  1. Cool. I’ve always wondered what the view was like from the Monster seats. I was there for 51 and 52 tonight. Every time Papi came to bat, all of Fenway stood up. I love Sox games.

  2. OH! How exciting that you got to sit in the monster seats! We went on a tour of Fenway this spring, which you SHOULD do! We got to sit in those seats, probably the only time we’ll be able to! 🙂
    See you SUNDAY!!! Icarus or not!!

  3. YOU were in the BOX!? OMG!!! How great is that!!! I love baseball ( GO METS!) That is one of the things that I miss most! I am watching Ryder Cup Golf, but that is a sad state compared to live Baseball!…sigh…I am so jealous….I have “no bunny’s love”, LOL!!!

  4. Hi there! I’m your spoiler for Knitter’s Tea Swap 2!

    I’m really looking forward to this! I hope to get some ideas of things you like and things you do by reading here every now and again. So, drop some hints, ‘kay?

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