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I have an excuse for not posting yesterday for Saturday Sky. A week or so ago, I accidentally yanked out the power pack’s cord to my laptop while I was typing away on it. I did not pay much attention to the matter until I plugged the cord back into the port and realized that the connection was a bit loose. I thought maybe I broke the plug, so I switched to another power pack and the connection worked. Well when I ran out of power Friday night, I connected the laptop to the power pack and went to bed. I awoke at 8AM, photographed my sky and bunny shots, took inventory of my stash while I re-arranged it, and did some “light” cleaning in the yarn area.

I started getting antsy because I could not find my misplaced Plymouth bamboo circular set, and the stirred up dust was agitating my allergies thus my bad mood. The worst of the day came when I sat down in my chair and turned on my laptop. Nothing. No lights indicating the laptop was getting any juice. I was not a happy camper. But during all the craziness, my DH Rich bought me a new toy.

I present to you my upgraded Sidekick 3. Rich had bought the original model when they first came out in the market for him and Jamie to use. Later, when I was switching from Verizon to T-Mobile, he had already switched to an IPAQ so I could take over the unused Sidekick. My favorite part of this phone is that I can control the contents online, and the data is instantaneously transfered to the Sidekick. I never realized how much I depend on this gizmo until it was upgraded and none of my information was available because the account was in the middle of rolling over while we were out last night. YUCK!

Anyway, last night Rich and I met Paul at a tavern-style restaurant before meeting up with Seth. Because I was stressed out with the allergies, my missing circular set, and the data-less Sidekick (the phone still worked, but I would have to remember the phone numbers!), I was looking forward to a drink, and when this restaurant listed mojitos as one of their signature drinks, I knew that would do the trick, especially after seeing their very well-stocked bar areas. The problem was that they were out of mint, yet the menu stated they used a mix. Ewwww. Disgusted with their excuse and the serious lacking on their wine menu (only about five reds and a couple of pinot grigios), I could only settle for a glass of water. So when Seth arrived, we walked across the cobblestone street (a span of 6-8 feet I kid you not!) to 10 Prime Steak and Sushi. If you like amazing drinks, great wine selection, excellent food, and fabulous service, this restaurant may be your cup of tea. Seth introduced us to 10 Prime a few years back during one of Paul’s visits, and had gotten me hooked on their mojitos. As of yet, I still have not found any place whose drinks remotely compare.

After a incredible night of mojitos, sushi, steak, and a chocolate souffle, I figured I could recharge my laptop at work while seeing our summer intern Corey in his play at the Courthouse Theater. My timing could not be even more perfect. And tonight I am able to give you my Saturday Sky and pictures of this weekend. =:8

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  1. That is some stash. Wow.

    And there are few things worse than not being able to get a drink when you really, really want one.

  2. That was quite a rocky start to the weekend, but I’m so glad it improved greatly in the end. That stash . . . I don’t know what to say . . . . it quite honestly has me speechless. I bow to the greatness of your stash!!

    I would love to go in there! Is this a closet?
    Love the sidekick! we don’t have those here, if they are available, no one is using them… or not what I have seen. Isn’t it funny how gadgets differ the world over? I would love to be a guest the next time you guys go out to 10…
    Any suggestions on how I can put the BKOAC button on WP?

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