With Bated Breath

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A package and a heavy card came separately yesterday (on not-so Mundane Monday). The oversized blue envelope marked “Open First” and the ivory card marked “Open Second” were both from the same address. I had come home early because the twitching left eye became a pulsing headache at work, and I figured a nap and some pills would relieve me. Interestingly enough, my heart started racing when I saw the mail from ZDL. The question popped up like a cartoon bubble from VH1, “Is this the big Reveal?”

Here is what was in the padded envelope. Everything was wrapped in vibrant colored tissue, subtly reminding me of this summer’s SP8. Beginning with the card, I tore into the items from the right-side of the photograph in the order from their spilling out of the package.

Is my SP8 Spoiler awesome or what? The fingering merino from Claudia’s Yarn is gorgeous! I think I will be using them to make the Tiger socks from the “Socks, Socks, Socks” book. I love the colors of the Cascade 220. The hanks are identically soft to the green 220 hanks she sent in a previous package. The Habu yarn is so cool. And after doing a little research, I may use this Gima for a lace scarf like MJ’s Liesel or Knitty’s Branching Out. The stitch markers are just what I needed because I have been working with large needles as of late. I think distinct stitch markers are a great way to feel decadent while knitting, and the blue beads certainly apply here! And how about the great dark chocolate bars? Their mini size is perfect because I need to really watch my weight if I want to wear the dress I bought in April for 2 autumn weddings. I love the tape measure! It has a Koosh (Okay I am showing my age here) end!! Rich was so surprised by my newfound fondness for pink. Before I used to hate the color, especially baby pink (I was traumatized on prom night with it eons ago), but I have been purchasing a lot of the different shades lately. The Laura Ashley stationery is really neat. I will be using them for fiberous gifts from now through New Year’s. 🙂

Now for the second card… Are those butterflies great? My Mother (Ma) and MIL (Mom) both adore butterflies too. As Mom would say, “It must be a sign.” With a fun K1P1 magnet in the card, there was a message. Instead of a full reveal, she gave one hint. She was listed on the July 5th post in SP8. I enjoy a challenge, and does this mean the address on the envelope is a legit one to send a thank you? =:8

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  1. wow! wowowowowowow! look at all that swag! you are one lucky bun! 🙂
    as am i!!! i did receive the package you sent. Thank you so much, Kimberly! it was so unexpected and generous of you. i am totally floored. i hate that i cannot upload the pictures i took of your package, and hopefully the memory card will cooperate with my computer this evening. i’m ecstatic! i don’t even know where to begin tackling everything, but i know i will savor every stitch, piece of chocolate, and drop of coffee-flavored milk 🙂 🙂 🙂 so. much. fun. talk about a party in a box! thank you. you are a very special, cherished friend for your thoughtfulness and generosity – as well as for spoiling me rotten.
    have an awesome time frolicking with your new stuff and know that you (and others) totally made celebrating my birthday truly memorable. knit blog friends rule!

  2. I’m glad you liked everything 🙂 Theoretically, you can use that address to mail something to me. However, we plan to be out of here by the end of the month. (Very long story.) So if you *really* want to mail something, email me, and I’ll give you a better address.

    And also. I love butterflies myself; I even have one as a tattoo.

  3. were your ears burning this afternoon? I met up with my cousin at Knitch in Atlanta and out of the blue she asked me “if I was Kimberly’s secret pal?” Gave her a funny look and she said “you know, Some Bunny’s Love” to which I just started laughing. I told her “no, we are just blog/e-mail friends”. My cousin recognized a lot of what was in your package from two yarn stores around here and also knows my knitting taste so thought I was your spoiler. Pretty good call considering that I had purchased the K1P1 bumper sticker two weeks ago and was going to get you one too but I got the last one in the store!

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