No Walking, Just Packages! (Heavy pictures)

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Hel-looooooo AU-GUST! (Sorry, the Animaniacs’ DVD commercial was on again. I just cannot help myself!) The last month of Project Spectrum is finally upon us, and promises to be full of neutrality. Ironically the greys, browns, and whites do not come to mind, instead battles between sworn enemies appear. So a distraction is in order. I give you… Rasha‘s newest addition to her ever-large stash of shoes. Are they not AWESOME??!! And her answer to my question on where did she find them? “Zappos, DAH-ling. Zappos.” Ironically, I can just picture Dolores saying the same thing.

Here we have the soft lavender balls that Marianne had sent me from Denmark in July’s PS Postcard Swap. I am so excited about them because Løve is Scandinavian and I have yet to find it in the States. These little babies are going to be for my niece’s birthday present. For the record, I did a little cheating in July’s Postcard Swap because Helene was going back home to see Robbie Williams in concert at Copenhagen, so I knew the postage would be much less if she sent the goodies for me. In weighing the costs, it was either send The Breakers postcard for $2 or send the little package in Denmark for 12DKK. Thank you Marianne! 🙂

Next up is the ever-so-soft dyed sock yarn that Veronica made for me. The purple is a royal shade, and will also be used for a present for Anita. I see a pair of lacey socks for her! Thank you Veronica, the yarn is soooooo gorgeous!

Now the latest package which arrived today is from Hawaii. Wow! Treats for Caesar and Julius from the Islands!! They already have eaten some of the package contents. Please click on the link to see what their surprise was. Thanks so much Poiland Rodentia!! The Boyzz are so happy with everything.

It has been hotter than the dickens as of late, and last night a lightning storm decided to cut power to different areas of the state. Some places were hit for 3 hours like Rich and me, while Helene and Mikkel only had a flicker. I did find out that another friend at work was out for 6 hours! She decided to hit the malls and the grocery store during that time. And as much as I keep begging for one, Rich still thinks a generator is not worth the money. (Sigh) I girl can only dream, right? I leave you a shot of today’s evening storm creeping up on me while driving home. =:8

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