Meme: Googling [Your Name] needs

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Okay. Right before I am ready to wrap up and go to bed, I spot this Meme on one of the knitting blogs. The instructions tell you to Google “[Insert your name here] needs” and see what happens to show up. Some of the blogs list the 1st ten that pop up. I decided to see who the originator of the idea was. Two hours later and about gosh only knows how many knitting blogs I ended up reading, I discovered Iris in “Unfurnished Brooklyn” on Typepad. Here is the direct link to her Meme
Iris Needs
Now, here is a list for “Kimberly needs” complete with most of their links:
1) Kimberly Needs advice after transfer
2) Kimberly Needs Powerful Protection Spell
3) Kimberly needs a woman in her life*
4) Kimberly needs to continue sitting in the waiting area*
5) Kimberly needs to eat something*
6) Kimberly needs to know exactly how much light will reach the film
7) Kimberly needs to take note, because her first single sure sounds generic
8) Kimberly needs expert care and stimulation [child was in special needs care]
9) Kimberly needs a family
10) Kimberly needs help in dealing with the situation with Rick*
And a funny add-in: Kimberly Needs, The Timken Company is listed in the Corporate Yellow Book and The Leadership Library® on the Internet
* From “Bold and the Beautiful” gossip links, and ironically my hubby’s name is Rich…
Please have fun with this Meme! It really is neat to see what actually pops up. Granted, I have a default in Google to only show clean English, Danish, and Italian pages, so I am not sure if the filter had any real effect.

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