Alohas Chasing Rain –> Heavy in Pictures!

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Since coming back to work on Tuesday, the weather has been wet and cold. I am still grateful that the warm days occurred when I was on vacay. Last night during dinner, after hearing about how slow my site was in download time, I cleaned out the sidebar except for the KAL and non-Bloglines buttons. All of this morning and afternoon has been full of website-cleaning and blog-reading, now I get to write something up! And I have lots to talk about, too. First off, there was something waiting for me at my mailbox when I arrived home from work yesterday.

I was a bit taken back because I was not expecting anything. Actually, I have been sending out all sorts of packages this week. The tube was from Keohinani! I immediately had this vision of possible sock yarn in my head. Earnestly I popped open the top and a couple of items slipped out.

And then more items

Finally the last of the package’s contents.

My photography skills leave much to be desired because the card is gorgeous in shades of green and beading.

The first green package had (YUM) chocolate squares and a little pouch… Click on the pouch for a surprise.

Beaded stitch-markers to feed the need for useful tiny bright and shiny things!! And I found a little stowaway in the pouch, too.
Julius status
He is adorable!! Jill has many talents and lots of patience. I would have probably lost the beads to make this little guy. Unwrapping the white paper make me gasp. So much so that Rich actually looked up from his machine.

Oh MY!! I sat there with my camera and just stared at the Lorna’s Laces’ Shepherd hanks in Aslan. I have been debating on getting some of that yarn and in that specific colorway. But the most interest generated by Rich may be the last package in green paper.

You see, Hello Yarn is one of Squirrelcart‘s clients. So seeing Adrian’s product live and in person is pretty cool. Still I think the LL hanks will be my next pair of socks to make for myself. Nobody will be getting these! And now, an altogether picture of the package’s members…

Thank you Jill!!! You did not need to do all this! =:8

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  1. hi kimberly! i’m so glad the package got to you in-tact. let me know if the LL is the same dye lot because i remember i got three skeins, one separately from a pair. you totally deserve it all; i am so grateful to you for the autographed Harlot book 🙂 thanks again and enjoy! can’t wait to see your socks 🙂 🙂 🙂

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