Summer’s (FINALLY) Here!

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Today the sun dipped around a beautiful sky. I noticed the clouds were hiding the sun as if it was playing a game with us cubicled prisoners workers. The climate, always the tease, had me hoping we would have good weather today for the “Walk and Knit” at Borders. (Especially since Helene and I missed Tuesday night’s RI “In Stitches” Knitting Circle meetup at the Wickford Village Town Dock in North Kingstown.)

Actually last night, while the Helene and I were discussing about the thunderstorm ruining our knitting evening, we watched the amazing wedding movie that she and Mikkel created. The DVD looks like they had it professionally done by a videographer. Seeing the video and hearing the music brought sweet thoughts of my own wedding and put me in a great mood. Every once in a while, driving
back and forth to work, I play the cd that our DJ made for us with some our wedding songs, and I cannot help but flash back to Our Special Day. (Awwwww…)

As for tonight’s Walk and Knit at Borders, Cathy and Jacob joined me for a bit, and I managed to finish 3 more rows of the DFS. Helene could not join us because she had to pick up her newly purchased car. I am looking forward to seeing it. Life is good, and summer is GREAT. Now, for my latest lace entry… =:8

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  1. Oooh, that guy in the first picture has a cute butt!!!! But let me guess, he’s either straight or already has a wife or has a boyfriend or is not into Asian guys… right?

  2. It’s great how the walk and knit thing has continued. Summer is supposed to be here, but it has been a bit rainy here. It’s nice though, otherwise it would be too hot!

  3. No, I don’t work for BofA, but I sure hope those guys can sue the company. Being forced to train your foreign replacement or forfeiting severance pay is pretty bad, too. I kinda hope that the management people eventually have to feel the same pinch we lowlifes do, but it was already explained that a portion of the work will remain in the US and they’ll be needed for that.

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