Woo-hoo!! I’ve Entered a Contest!

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Jill started a contest which has you finish the “You know you knit too much when” phrase with 10 suggestions. I could not resist throwing my hat into the ring and adding my 2 cents. Here are my entries:

1) You walk around knitting a WIP, especially at your normal job which requires you to type constantly on a computer
2) You have at least one knitting WIP and/or one crochet WIP in your purse/bag, and in your desk at work, and in your car and its trunk, and in your locker at the gym, at your local yarn hangout, at your parents’ house, at other yarn friends’ homes…
3) Your DH/Hunny makes you knit because it keeps you from yelling at the TV during football/sports matches
4) When your DH/Hunny stops initiating conversations with you because you glare at him and firmly growl, “SHHH! I’m counting!!” (In my case, I can just glare now)
5) You not only bring your WIP with you to a professional sports match, and have no qualms working it while sitting in the front row seats you bought
6) You have yarn in EVERY room and closet of your house, including basement and the attic areas (I even have raw wool in my shed waiting for me to spin)
7) You proudly bring in hanks/skeins of your stash to show other co-workers who know people who knit and have a slight interest in your knitting
8) You gleefully and gladly work at a LYS for YARN, not money, as payment
9) Nothing (except good chocolate and red wine) excites you more than a yarn made out of soft gorgeous fibers like cashmere, silk, angora, alpaca, merino…
10) You have yarn either spun with raw fiber from a friend/co-worker, or by your own self which you cleaned the skirted fiber
… I can, umm, kind of speak from experience for all of the above… 😉

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