So Near, Yet So Far

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Don’t you just hate it when you are sooooo close to being done? I have to fringe my Catherine shawl and felt my MIL’s mittens. Of course, these little items are nothing CLOSE to the aggravation that I am having over Virginia Tech’s performance versus Florida State in the ACC Championship game. My boys were favored, and yet they are falling apart! AUUUGH!!!
Dressy Shawl

Finished except for the fringe

HUGE mitten, or is it a little hand?

Why the analysis between the WIPs and the game? Because all are a tease that suggest a glorious end. I already freaked out Rich and the bunnies tonight with my yells and shouts at the TV. A beer or glass of wine sounds great about now. A white Russian or toasted almond would be much better! Sigh… 🙁

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