The Fibre Co.'s Terra and Road to China Light

Back to Basics: Blue Jeans and Knitting Patterns

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For the past six years, I have been plagued with the issue of trying to replace much loved blue jeans. Shopping for denim garments is a challenge because of the physical changes that the fabric often provides. Upon the suggestion of my mother-in-law, I changed to a different style, cut, and brand. That change is when I discovered how a pair of jeans must be tried on in the store because of the different variances of seamstresses and sewing techniques. Recently I decided to try on my old favorite styles and brand. It seems what I was looking for was in my sights all along.

I have realized my eye-opening experience in jeans can also be applied to crafting patterns. At my knitting guild’s holiday Christmas party hosted by Dirt Woman Fiber Arts, I broke down and purchased the skein of The Fibre Co. Road to China Light which was calling my name for the past two years. I also found a skein of yarn perfectly matched for SlytherBun’s doctor: The Fibre Co. Terra in Rhodora. Since it turns out she likes to hike, I thought a smaller size of Marnie MacLean’s Tidewater Cowl would be perfect for her trip to DC this weekend. The lace pattern creates a dressy look while being practical, and the picot bindoff is always an elegant edge.

Tidewater Cowl in The Fibre Co. Terra's Rhodora colorway
Tidewater Cowl in The Fibre Co. Terra’s Rhodora colorway

This cowl project was my fourth time in using this pattern. I guess when I need a gift that is tried and true, I turn to the ones which have never failed both me and the gift recipient. Now if I could only sit down and knit the cowl for myself in the Seasilk I set aside for it. Do you use any patterns that find yourself reaching for to become much-appreciated gifts? My favorites lean toward a lace fabric. Feel free to tell me on my Facebook page so we can share our favorites.

Here are mine in past projects:
Tidewater Cowl by Marnie MacLean
Norfolk Pine Tree Cowl by Saccade
Meddybemps Scrawl by Kate Lemmers
Oasis Hideaway by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes
Clapotis Shawl by Kate Gilbert
Iris by Kim Hargreaves
Ardor by Jenny Raymond — knitted as a blanket
Rich Heather by Terry Kimbrough
Cross of Cerdanya Doily by Linda Browning — knit as washcloths, a handkerchief, and future baby blankets
Bunny Dishcloth by Judith Prindle — knit as washcloths, blanket squares, and rug pieces
Cosset by Jenny Raymond

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