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Handling Setbacks

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The “thinner weight” hanks of yarn
Fewer things are as aggravating than stumbling while running on a track. It does not matter what caused the stumble; just the results of lost time and occurred injury can be enough. The last weekend in August had a couple of setbacks which made completing my September 1st post impossible. Let’s just say Saturday involved a burst pipe in our mechanical closet, which is in my yarn office. Can you imagine my panicked state? If you cannot, note the photo of my office. 🙂

Sunday the 1st provided a vehicle scare in which the “check engine” light would not go away. Knowing that I had to travel about an hour from home to meet up with a dear friend for her 44th birthday and to do my volunteer work at Virginia Rabbit Rescue, I turned around for home so that BFF could drive me in his car — I have not driven standard in almost 15 years. Already running late on schedule, BFF cleaned up the interior of all his tools from his car and installed the car seat he had been meaning to do. These incidents offered a silver lining: BFF’s parents were able to spend some time with SlytherBun on Saturday, our friend was able to see all 3 of us on Sunday, and we finally figured out who bought the cherry blossom tree wall decal off our registry (it was in the car seat’s box). However a muddy ball had started rolling downhill and we are still trying to clean up its mess.

Miss Eve waiting for me to clean her litterbox
Miss Eve waiting for me to clean her litterbox
Last weekend was no different. Upon receiving numerous phone calls on Thursday night, we pushed aside all plans (BFF takes care of SlytherBun so I can fully concentrate on work from Friday evening to Monday morning) and solidly accepted an invitation to be on Tidewater’s Southside area for Saturday. The day turned out to be an exhausting one that we will never be repeating, and since Sunday ended up being affected by Saturday… Is the visual of the muddy ball rolling downhill still there with you? At least the consolation for us was our weekly Sunday meal with BFF’s parents.

Because of the past two weekends, finishing the thank you notes has been seldom, but they are slowly getting done. With little time to knit or crochet, I did manage to begin a jacket that I am converting from a pattern in Rowan 54. The pullover “Angela” begins at the neck and is knit in the round until the bottom yoke is finished, then each of the four sides (left sleeve, front, right sleeve, and back) are worked individually then are seamed. Not only am I converting this pattern into a seamless jacket, but I am adding a hood to keep my head warm during the colder months.

The hood for my adapted Angela jacket
The hood for my adapted Angela jacket. The row counter was an SP gift and the stitch markers were made by Barb (pink ring bunny) and Giles (Slytherin rings).

So here we are over two weeks late on my picking names for the “Scarves, Shrugs and Shawls” book by Sarah Hatton and for the “Boyfriend Sweaters” book by Bruce Weinstein. I decided beforehand that whatever names appeared in the 8th and 22nd slots would win the books. After I tallied up the 36 names and submitted them to the List Randomizer on the Random.org website, here are the names that popped up for 8 and 22: Cindy Jacobs and John Blue… Congratulations! I will be contacting them both tonight on their winnings. If you did not win, please do not fret. In my next post I will be writing about another pair of books that will be up for grabs. =:8

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