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Goodies, Yarn, Bunnies, and… an Auction?

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The last half of the week has been an absolute whirlwind. Wednesday I worked and was too exhausted to attend “Walk and Knit” at Borders. I should have known my long-winded day would become better with all the pretty sky all around me. (If my sky photos seem a bit tilted, it is because I take them by sticking my hand out of my car’s sunroom while driving.) When Rich and I arrived home, a box from New Hampshire was waiting for me. I quickly tore into it, then stopped when I realized I needed to photograph the opening stages from start to finish.

Wait! I forgot to mention the phone conversation with my sister during the drive home on Wednesday. She called to ask if I could make a bolero in time for next Saturday. While discussing the different options, I decided to go ahead and see about being there. I then e-mailed a few items which my sister could choose. What we settled on is mentioned later in this post. Okay, back to the package!

My SP10 Spoiler totally ROCKS! Her package was purposely put together and very fitting. I am so taken with the Posh UK Camel. I kept putting it against my cheek when I saw it. Though she included a hat pattern to be used with it, I am envisioning a pair of gloves to match Beth‘s caramel handspun (destined to be a pair of socks). Thank you so much Secret Pal!!

Now that I have taunted everyone with my goodies, I am going to mention yarn. Thursday night I dropped in at the inviting Warwick “Yarns at Lacewings” location for the Knitters’ Circle. Owner Mary Auger was our hostess with Patricia (whom I met that evening) and Jennifer. Come to think of it, both Patricia and Jennifer were there for the Manos Four Seasons afghan. But the table was a bit crowded so they sat with Mary and me. It was a fun time with lots of conversation. I was able to snag more of the Great Adirondack Soxie and scoop up the Debblie Bliss Cashmerino on clearance. I also dropped off my giant hank of Cherry Tree Hill merino to be wound. I cannot imagine having to wind that 2400 yards of CTH lace by hand! Mary is very generous in her offer to help me with it. During the circle time, I worked on a single row of the shawl I am making for my niece’s First Communion. Please note, this “one stinkin’ row” is two-hundred-fifty-two stitches. Which pattern in tarnation I am talking about? Knitty’s Spring 2005 “Tie One On” by Nona. It is brilliant with its different versions. Oh, and the yarn I am using? Karabella’s Gossamer in that silvery/grey colorway. The challenge is if I can finish this shawl by the time I touch down in Virginia Beach on Friday.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were (mostly) dedicated to the bunnies of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. Friday night was a Pampered Chef fund-raiser, and I did my duty and bought some giftable items and also knitted a row of the First Communion (FC) Shawl. My Saturday was just as busy with the Adopt-a-thon at PetSmart. We had two adoptions that day: the ever-popular boys of Jasper and Spencer. Both went home to awesome families. Sunday I hung-out with “Running Bunny” Dorothy at the RI SPCA Dogwalk in the Goddard Park’s old Carousel. I will have to say that we froze our tails while there!

Oy, it is late, and I will have another post very soon because I received an incredible package from my fabulous Knitter’s Treat Exchange Spoiler (thanks a TON to Dotty!) on Saturday and I have a couple of FOs to show. However, I want to get the word out on an eBay auction for a beautifully finished Miriam Felton Icarus Shawl done by Judy at the Nerdy Knitter. She is donating the proceeds to the Hokie Memorial Fund at Virginia Tech. Please check out the auction and spread the word. Of course, if anyone wants to bid against me, feel free to do so! Good night for now. =:8

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  1. Wow, that is an awesome SP package! Sounds like you really deserve a treat, considering all the knits you are making for other people.

  2. Yea! I thought the camel was a good choice; but…you never know, especially for the first package. I’m so glad you like your package…enjoy! And, certainly knit whatever you’d like with the yarn…I only threw in the hat pattern as one (of many) ideas. I think gloves would be fabulous!

    Cute bunnies!!

  3. What a great surprise package. I love Tie One On and have made two so far, one for me and one for a friend.

  4. Thanks so much for the link to the auction–so far the total has hit $127.50, which is very exciting. I’m rooting for way more, of course, and it’s early days, so maybe some team of bidders will pool their money for Big Huge Bids.

    Thanks for starting the bidding–yours was the very first, I think. That was very generous!

    Love the buns–and you for helping to save me from great embarrassment with the auction!

  5. LOVE the bunny pictures. Glad you received a wonderful package (still not as good as mine though 😉 . I started a koala and a sock with your wonderful yarns and the chocolate is but a memory.

  6. Great package goodies!!

    Love the tie one on….might have to consider that one day.

    Oh and bunnies…how darn cute are they ~sigh~

  7. You are certainly somebunny’s favorites! Everytime I drop in I see wonderful packages and projects being displayed. The shawl is beautiful and I would love to be able to knit like that. That cherry tree yarn was to dye for, lol! That was so pretty I think I would have just hung it over my desk for inspiration! Sorry about the kitty allergy and we had to pass on the bunny for The Princess…even at 10, she is nowhere ready to care for an animal…sigh…guess I will keep on stopping by and patting yours! 🙂

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