A Block on Creativity

Posted on 12, May 2011 by

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I have been stuck in this rut on writing as of late due to all sorts of items tugging at me for attention. Because most of these items are quite personal and not in the positive of light, I refuse to share such things out in the open. Some people might see that I am a public figure due to my career, but that does not mean I will also include what is in my private life. Since I respect the number of family and friends that do not want to be included in the “Crazy Bunny’s XRX” adventures, please accept my apologies when I am not writing about every one of my experiences.

Though the outcome of my writing has been stalled, the process of ideas running through my head have not, and I have been tempted to create a podcast of some sort to record them. One day I will extract these varmints so the sleepless nights will stop.

Have you ever been so inundated with thoughts in your head that your mind is nothing but a giant whorl? =:8

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