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Whom I Follow and Why

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I have been badly negligent on my blog, but for good reasons that I cannot spill at this time. Well I can discuss some of them, but they are very much work-related. Here is a certain big one: the turtle-neck pullover Whiting is just one of over two dozen designs by Rowan Yarns that are downloadable patterns now on Ravelry and Patternfish. The project has been a much anticipated brainchild and I am ecstatic that I was a part of it.

Previously I mentioned before various food blogs I enjoy. “Bravetart” by Stella Parks is one of them. Her education and work ethics have impressed me since I discovered her while searching for recipes to use on my Pinterest “Mouthworthy Lust” board. Though I have pinned from other boards, I have a few requirements, and one stands out: no standing mixer required. I do not have one, nor will I want one unless I find myself cooking/baking for a dozen meals on a daily basis. My thought is that cooking and baking has become watered down in talent thanks to amateur at-home chefs who rely on their mixers and ready-made foods for their creations. I love older recipes that use a whisk or pastry knife instead of a standing mixer or food processor. Techniques that required you to hold your hands a certain way to ensure a specific result while mixing make me swoon. Nowadays, knowledge on ingredients and the ability on combining them into a magical dish are what separates the experts from the novices. Stella’s website recipes are proof of her genius.

After reading what I just wrote, what I say next should not be a surprise: I feel the same about knitted and crocheted designs. There are so many folks who have the tools to make designing almost too easy. Trying to separate the full-time designers from the hobbyists can be a headache. And up front, I am one of those hobbyists who creates patterns but will not even think of calling myself a “designer” in the same context as (since I said his name earlier, I will use it) Martin Storey. To me it seems wrong.

So if you follow me on Twitter, notice that I follow a great number of people for two reasons:
1) I admire them for their worldly talent in their passionate pursuits.
2) They are not the types to exclude folks who are not of their caliber, close work network, or social circles.

See a pattern yet? =:8

Sarah Hatton's Hooded Tunic
Sarah Hatton’s Hooded Tunic

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