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After finishing a number of projects this summer, I figured I better start some sort of WIP and FO list before I forget everything I did. Better yet, I will include the pictures for what I have not written about yet to boot! Here is the stuff I have yet to write about…

The above is Margie’s now-frogged 4-color square blanket. My sister commissioned me to make a wedding blanket that incorporated the school colors of Boston College and Notre Dame. Previously I wanted to knit up a cross between a bias-stitched Clapotis with feather and fan, then I thought the four colors would look great as a square, but now I may just do the striped feather and fan with extra stitches to allow dropped stitching. To add to the confusion, there is a fabulous square lace blanket pattern I found thanks to Allison. What do you think?

Here is the adorable Miss Grace, daughter of Brian and Molly. Brian is a Product Manager who sits in the cube next to mine. When he came back from his leave, he was (and still is) beaming so proudly over his first child. And when he said that not one person had knitted or crocheted anything for her, I had to make Gina’s baby kimono in Sugar ‘n’ Cream with a matching washcloth. And I know, the sleeves are too long! (Sigh)

In the same yarn, I thought I would knit the Petal bib for my Danish knitting pal Jette. Ironically, we have not met in person. Her husband Morten is one of the developers on the Danish team that works with me. Since I did not know whether she is having a boy or girl, I thought the colors would be perfect. And because she is so talented in the design field (she is the interior designer in charge of the furniture for the school system, designs for a knitting shop (garn.dk), AND has a publishing company specializing in translating books into Danish), I knew she would want the book too!

I have been playing with dyeing yarn. Before I changed this yarn to its present color, I attempted to knit it up, but the bright colors just did not suit me. 🙁 If you are curious, click on the above picture to see the “before” shot.

    Now for the WIPs, I have…

  • a dark blue thin chenille baby kimono that needs seaming (or frogging, I am still undecided therefore no picture for you!)
  • to get the petite Diamond Fantasy shawl (I just cannot bear to call it a scarf!) blocked
  • finally recast the lace-up camisole, then frogged, and recast again with 3 repeats done of the lace pattern
  • joined more KALs! They are: Lace Shawl, Mystery Stole 2, Secret Paws, and Bitchin Mittens.

And in hopes of peace in our world, I am posting a blue ribbon for the tortured Israeli soldiers. I am praying that a funny and witty blogfriend comes back to us safely.

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  1. Tried to read that square lace pattern but it is way to early aka not enough coffee drunk to understand the pattern. Oh baby Grace is so cute and you can tell she just loves your kimono

  2. I’ve been looking for ideas for a baby blanket – the Fibercrack looks great! Now to pick a yarn…

    Luckily the baby isn’t due until December.

  3. Wow, you’ve been busy. What sweater pattern is that on the baby?

    And the sugar and cream cotton came out very nicely. Is it too heavy for the baby?

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