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I have a few links that I like to review because either they make me smile or they make me think. As of late, I noticed that they are piling up, and I should mention them now or else they may become a “stash” pile. In order of alphabetic appearance, I give you:

Now that I got those links out of my system, you ready for more hooking up? Because I have something to show you.

The most ironic part? I started working on this last night during the ball game. The above shot is from this morning before work. Tonight during “Walk and Knit” at Borders, I actually finished it! I forgot how much I love making these blankets. Interestingly enough, I have one in ruby red and another in sapphire blue for Ryan and Dylan (Rich’s cousin’s sons). The yarn is the luxurious Frog Tree Alpaca and I had to use 3 strands held together for the blue and 4 for the red. Now if we could find the time to give them to the boys!

And I must give you the best news for last. My husband pinged me at work to tell me that a package arrived in the mail. Woo-hoo! My Secret Pal‘s package arrived! I will write up a more detailed post. Promise! Until then, I leave you a teaser. =:8

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  1. Me again. Got your address but I went on strike (so to speak) and played hooky from work yesterday. Was going to go run errands like mailing my secret pal her package but ended up gardening and napping with Annie. Will be using your address soon. 😉

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