Hooking up with News

Posted on 7, June 2006 by

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I have a few links that I like to review because either they make me smile or they make me think. As of late, I noticed that they are piling up, and I should mention them now or else they may become a “stash” pile. In order of alphabetic appearance, I give you:

Now that I got those links out of my system, you ready for more hooking up? Because I have something to show you.

The most ironic part? I started working on this last night during the ball game. The above shot is from this morning before work. Tonight during “Walk and Knit” at Borders, I actually finished it! I forgot how much I love making these blankets. Interestingly enough, I have one in ruby red and another in sapphire blue for Ryan and Dylan (Rich’s cousin’s sons). The yarn is the luxurious Frog Tree Alpaca and I had to use 3 strands held together for the blue and 4 for the red. Now if we could find the time to give them to the boys!

And I must give you the best news for last. My husband pinged me at work to tell me that a package arrived in the mail. Woo-hoo! My Secret Pal‘s package arrived! I will write up a more detailed post. Promise! Until then, I leave you a teaser. =:8