Bumming about Secret Pal 7

Posted on 7, February 2006 by

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I have been browsing the other Secret Pal 7 blogs, and am getting a little down about my chosen person.  She has yet to post about my package from last week, and I can proudly say that it was a big one.  I sent her 3 hanks (1 already with an inside-out ball) of Catalina’s Bulky Alpaca in the terracotta colorway, 2 skeins of Lang Jacquard, 3 skeins of Patons to make something for her kids and husband, and lots of other food goodies, needles, and notions with a large card completely filled with my jabberings on how I am glad I have her.

Am I wrong for being jealous of seeing the gushing of others?   🙁