Je suis presque fini!

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I think the store was pretty busy yesterday at RA Yarns. We had a few regulars come in to ask about lessons, some folks stopping in to check out our clearance baskets, and others who wanted to find the perfect gift for family members and friends. There seems to have been a trend towards mohair yesterday, too. We almost were wiped out of our F.Crosa’s Baby Kid Mohair, but we still have a few balls in the baby pink and slated navy left. Classic Elite’s Bravo was flying off the shelves, and the Sandnesgarn’s Dream mohair was starting to disappear. Misti Alpaca’s Baby Alpaca Worsted had to be restocked; the softness and feel of those yarns is incredible!

Again I am so close to finishing my set of projects for my sister’s family. Her mitaines are done, Gabby’s and Simon’s hats are done. Now all I need to do is Gabby’s mittens (which I think should be mitaines because I do not know her hand size) and the mistake-rib scarf I decided to match Abby’s mitaines with. PLUS I must get my blanket design knitted for Margie and her new husband. Abby had asked for me to make them a blanket as a wedding present, and I decided to combine a feather and fan pattern with dropped stitches. Should be very interesting since the pattern is Frog Tree’s Cape Cod Shell and Margie happens to hail close from that area.

Now after those projects are done, I need to finish up Cathy’s mitaines, Rasha’s Namaste, and the hats and mittens for my cousin Ray’s family. In the works are 3 sweaters for Paul, William, and Eric. I know, Rich’s name is not on the list. The reason is that he dislikes wearing them, so I had to find guys who would want one. 🙂

Lo and behold, I now have 3 to do. I have yarn for all 3, and also know which patterns I will be using. Paul requested charcoal and since the model in Knitty’s Lucky looks like him, that would be a perfect fit in F.Crosa’s ZarOne. His significant other William was much tougher to figure out. William works at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco, so you can imagine the pressure I am on to knit something awesome. He also asked for forrest green, which is not easy to find in the better yarns; they are always too light or too yellow, but I did find Mark and Kattens’ Feelings which I think he would enjoy as a striped pullover. Eric’s pattern was the most unusual request because he wants a blue/grey cabled v-neck. The color was not an issue, the sweater style was! I actually had a harder time looking for a men’s pattern; all I could find were women’s styles. Plus trying to convince him that wool is not itchy made me decide to use Panda’s FDK cotton-blend.

So for now, unless anyone else asks me to make them something. my knitting schedule is all set. The crochet schedule involves making blankets for my nephew, a layette for my co-worker Per’s daughter due in 2 months, and some IK wristlets for myself. I think I better get busy and start playing with the yarn… =:8

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  1. wow, you sound suuuuuuper busy! i never understood the appeal of mohair, either…until i bought some rowan kidsilk haze! oh, i’m in lurrrrrve 🙂 good luck on all your projects! take care, kimberly 😉

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