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Rambling Dates while Knitting

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A lot of craziness is happening this month for me. Changes have started at work. Big ones that I cannot talk about because the tension in some areas is so thick, it must be sliced with a chef’s knife. Mixed in with the workplace tension is personal stress.

Today is my FIL’s and Auntie Zenaida’s birthday; Cathy’s bridal shower was also today; Tomorrow I am meeting Rasha for yoga and Sir John will be meeting us afterwards so I can store her grill at my house; Afterwards, John and I will be going to Heidi and Jim’s Patriots football party; Rich is whisking me away for a surprise place getaway next week; My “Girls’ Night Out” is the Friday after; Mom’s birthday is next Saturday; Rasha’s birthday is on the same day and I am trying my best to get her present (Icarus in Catalina’s alpaca worsted in beige/mocha tweed) ready before she leaves the country; the Boston KOAC is on the 24th (with more meetings beforehand to finalize everything); I have begun Lisa’s birthday present (“Children of the Lir” shawl for her wedding at the end of the month). Time — to — breeeeaaathe… IN. OUT.

Through these special dates, I managed to do a little “stampin” at Dorothy and Kristen’s “Stampin Up” party at Kristen’s house last night. Seated at the end of the evening is lovely Shalyn with fabulous Dorothy. We had met each other at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue and share November as our birthday month. Even with our busy schedules, we are going to meet up for Shalyn’s 21st birthday on the 21st. I sense a HUGE celebration in the future.

Now if I can only get rid of those last few pounds so I can fit breathe into the dress I bought for Lisa’s wedding! =:8

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