My Lovely Girl Has Gone to Play

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Tonight just minutes before 9PM-EST, I cried good-bye grudgingly to Hayley. Even though she seemed to be on her way to recovery, she took a turn for the worse this evening and passed away in my arms. I repeatedly begged her not to leave me, but her body was too tired to continue. When Rich reminded me that she knew how much I loved her, I reluctantly let go.

After Rich and I knew she would not come back, I called Pam from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in a panicked voice. Sobbing my heart out, I told her what happened. As always, Pam gently soothed my anxiety. She repeated the same words that Rich said to me earlier. Because of me, Hayley had a chance at life where no one else would ever consider adopting her.

Hayley had a handicap which attracted me to her even more than her siblings. We could always figure out if she was moving about the room because her frail hind legs made her hop around more like an antelope than a rabbit, and thus she made a lot of noise. Whenever I came downstairs in the morning or arrived from work, she would have this look on her face that said, “Hi Mommy!” Promptly I would give her headrubs and a dried cranberry, her favorite treat. Her sweet face and matching disposition never failed to bring a smile to my face.

Tomorrow Rich will be dropping her off at Big River Veterinary so I can have her ashes alongside Nibbles’ and Tasha’s. I imagine that right now, she is waking from her nap, and racing about in circles. I see her jumping for joy with healthy legs, and kicking her heels up with lots of binkies.

Hayley: February 2004 - February 2006
Hayley: February 2004 – February 2006
Safe journey, my sweet friend and lovely girl. =:8

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