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In Love with June

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Originally for my post, I wanted to write about how life-changing and fun being pregnant has been, and that I would do it all over again. BFF and I definitely think our daughter needs a human sibling, though Miss Oreo seems to be eager to be L’s bondmate. The photo below is of the day we brought L home from the hospital.
IMG_0950 Oh! Guess I forgot to mention an important bit: my water broke just 2 days after I turned 36 weeks, so L arrived 26 days earlier than her expected July 4th date. Her excellent timing was 2 days after my baby shower by the amazing Loosely Knit group from Virgil L. Grissom Library. Plus the evening before she arrived, we had purchased the rug to complete her nursery in celebration of her ultrasound and my 5.2 A1C (diabetes measurement for average sugar levels) being perfect. Adding to that, L was stuck in a frank breech position, which meant a Ceasarian section had to happen in order to get her out. Let me sum up: the surgery went well; L’s Apgars were 9 and 9; and BFF was able to watch the whole procedure from his position next to my head in the operating room. The genetics biochemist in him was on the fence before about attending medical school. After seeing L and me, he is about 85% sure he wants to go if the financial opportunity ever arises.

These are two of the reasons why I love the month of June. The birth of our daughter for June 8th, 2013 and Miss Oreo’s adoption in June 9th, 2012. Another reason: BFF had closed on our house June 10th, 2011 while I was away at TNNA Summer Session in Columbus, OH. After the closing, he recorded himself unlocking the front door while proposing to me. In glee, I showed the video to various friends at TNNA — one being the wonderful Lily Chin who may have shed tears of joy when she saw it. <3 As for June 2010, that was when BFF and I had been casually dating for a couple of months, and he drove up to Columbus during the weekend of TNNA to "see what my work was about" in the fiber world. Needless to say, he did not run away screaming, and what I find cool is that the guys from Unicorn Books and Skacel still ask about him whenever I see them because he is "such a nice guy" and we deserve each other.

    So far L’s early arrival has put a slight damper into daily living. What I did not expect:

  • We had not as much time to finish the “thank you” notes from our first baby shower, let alone the second one. But we are determined to get them out this week!
  • The carpal tunnel I thought was horrible worsened after the surgery. Thanks to the splints I began wearing last Tuesday, two days ago both of my pinkies are back to normal.
  • Urges to go out have been dampened because nesting at home with BFF and L has been a sheer delight despite the lack of sleep.

All in all, I would say life is looking quite good! =:8


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  1. So happy for you guys, she’s a beauty! Congrats on everything going so well, and enjoy it, because as everyone says, it really does go fast!

  2. Congratulations! I think June will continue to be a phenomenal month for you (as will all the following ones with your new little bundle! I’m glad things are going well!

  3. Your little L is beautiful. You deserve your June happiness all year long. Consider yourselves Hugged!

  4. Congratulations from Rhode Island !!!!! Happy for the three of you! Enjoy!

  5. Hi Kim,
    Congrats on your darling little bundle of joy. She is so precious! Wishing you a lifetime of joy and happiness.

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