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SlytherBun and Me

SlytherBun and Me

Here I am, writing my monthly post. With each passing day I discover loads of topics to discuss, but find a lack of words to share my thoughts concisely. During the past few weeks Death has made appearances, work deadlines have been reached, and I have not met certain personal goals (the thank you notes and birth announcements continue to hound me). Though I am ever aware that being mother to SlytherBun (my new pet name for L created from my being a Slytherin in the Ravelry HPKCHC group) is my number one priority, I still want to be the bunny-rescuing, tech-savvy, gourmet-food-making, dart-throwing, fiber-crafty Superwoman that my BFF married on Veteran’s Day 2011.

Julius and Lily hanging out in the Padres' family room

Julius and Lily hanging out in the Padres’ family room

As BFF and I move onward in parenthood’s lessons, we were reminded that death is also a part of living when two beloved pets crossed over to the meadow at the Rainbow Bridge. One being “Little Man” Zydeco “The Angry Ewok” rabbit that was adopted 10 years ago from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Foster, RI. The other being “Honorary Bunny” Lily the “Best Golden Retriever EV-VAAA” who was BFF’s beloved canine sibling. Both of their passings were reminders to us that birth and death complement each other. We only hope that Lily reminds Sweet Pea (RIP February 2011) to share the carrots and bananas with everyone else in The Meadow. <3 [caption width="800" align="aligncenter"]Some of the latest Fall/Winter 2013 season from WFI Some of the latest Fall/Winter 2013 season from WFI[/caption]Work-wise, I have kept quiet on the subject except when asked directly or to explain to fellow crafters why I have stacks of fibery publications in my possession. For 18 months now, since leaving XRX and contracting with other companies, I have been mainly under Westminster Fibers as their Ravelry editor and working with other folks such as Kate Lemmers. The welcoming work keeps me in the fiber world’s loop since I cannot be there in person like I did when I lived in New England or worked for XRX. Recently WFI sent an extra copy of the North American version of Sarah Hatton’s “Scarves, Shrugs, and Shawls” to me. Not only that, but Bruce Weinstein was kind enough to send a couple of his autographed “Boyfriend Sweaters” books too!

Have advice for a new mom/dad?  You can win a new book!

Have advice for a new mom/dad? You can win a new book!

So in thinking about all the contests the Rowan Ambassadors are doing for giveaways of the Fall/Winter 2013 books, I thought it would be cool to do something similar. During the baby shower that my Mom-in-Law threw for us, all the guests completed cards with advice for me as a Mother-to-be. Whenever we get the chance, both BFF and I read and re-read those words of wisdom. For one of the above books I mentioned, I would love your advice on being a mom (or dad, for BFF). Send your thoughts via commenting on this blog post, via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Ravelry. At the end of August, I will randomly choose a winner. The most succinct card of the baby shower, by the way, was from a tween who told me “To relax!” in reaction to the stress I was showing when BFF was late. I still chuckle when I read it. =:8

Advice for the Mom-to-Be

Advice for the Mom-to-Be