Clapotis and Mittens Update

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Pix of what I have been working on lately…

Mom Reynolds’ Clapotis scarf (DONE!):
Length of Mom's scarf

Mom's scarf length measured up

Mom's scarf width measured up

Warm Hands Mitten-a-long (One hand down):
A tweaked version of Kate Gilbert’s Gifted Mittens
1st Mitten, shot 1

1st Mitten, shot 2

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  1. Your Clapotis colors are beautiful and it looks really long. What yarn did you use? I’m nearing the decrease section of mine and already thinking about making another. I’ve lost it!! 😉

    Great Blog. Love your bunnies.

  2. Kimberly, that Clapotis is GORGEOUS. Great job! I’ve heard great things about Cherry Hill. How is it to work with?

    Maybe I’ll use that for #3 (my mother-in-law’s 65th birthday is coming up next summer…)

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