Reigning Purple, Autumn, and Blue

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Currently I have been chugging along the Running Rabbit’s birthday shawl. Since she occasionally reads my site, if you email me, I will be happy to give you all the spicy details. Until then, this WIP is a secret. I will say one thing about it: the pattern is not one I have mentioned yet, and will be a gorgeous surprise for her. The same goes for the chosen yarn. Sorry, but I really want it to be a surprise!

The other night, my sister “Ace” and I were chatting over the phone. She made a request that delighted me. “Could you make another hat for “Sigh” [flagrant mispelling of his nickname by me]? We can’t find the one you made him and it is getting cold here.” The best part of this little hat? It will be in her wedding colors of Chicago Maroon, Burnt Orange, and Gold. If the autumn colors sound odd, it is because:

  • She and Lew were married in October — 9 years ago, I must add
  • Ace graduated from Boston College — maroon and gold
  • Lew graduated from Virginia Tech — maroon and orange

Since Ace is a busy Mother, I am thinking of washable wool or mixing up my yarns on hand. Maybe throwing the Karabella’s Aurora 8 in maroon together with Red Heart’s worsted in orange? That would be interesting to see. I will have to ponder this one over, unless any of you can offer up some ideas for 3 colors in a baby hat. Maybe I can knit up another Vinter Lue from Knitty? To refresh your memory, here is the one I tweaked for Ron’s daughter.

Funny thing about this pattern, I remember not liking how it was turning out, so I kept adding more rows inbetween the charts and changed the colors around. The weirdest part is that the pattern is written for an adult-sized head, but the hat knitted “as is” became the size for a little 1 year-old girl. (Shrug) At least it came out well, and that is all I want. AND, it looks fab on Schatzi!

The above Brooks Farm Harmony yarn was snagged off of eBay and is going to be cast on as something for Gab. Her favorite color is blue, and Auntie Kimi cannot disappoint her favorite girl when they see each other during Thanksgiving week! I am so looking forward to going back home. When we were in Stowe, it reminded me how much I loved being in Virginia. Where else could I have the Blue Ridge Muntains, the Shenandoah Valley, Atlantic Ocean, AND the Chesapeake Bay?? Before I get homesick again, I will leave you the link for the latest entry of “Jess, Chocolate, and Knitting.” that I commented. So, what is on YOUR coffee table, or in my case, ottoman?! =:8

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  1. I don’t know what’s up with those mini-hat patterns, but I just made two myself! The flap hat is really cool. Would you use Lopi like the pattern calls for?

  2. Your ottoman looks really neat and organized. My coffee table is hidden under all the yarn, projects, patterns, tea cups and remotes. Totally hidden.

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