Predictibly Unpredictable: Knitting Olympics 2010

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Knitting Olympics 2010 Winter Games

For those who know my little head, I am consistently changing my mind when the scenario calls for it. I tell folks that I am adapting to my surroundings by instinct. Others say that I am just being a woman. No matter what the topic, I do come back to the beginning, just like Inigo did in The Princess Bride. With the 2010 Winter Olympics kicking off tomorrow at Vancouver, Canada, it is only fitting that I do not one, not two, but THREE projects in the Knitting Olympics to ease my ever-moving thoughts. Yes I know that there are only two sports in which two events must be tackled. However I just could not choose one without impartially whining for the others. I humbly present a triathlon of Fair Isle, Cable, and Lace:

So I am a little crazy. But I have figured out a couple of things:
One is that the knitting will go faster when my mind is going from piece to piece instead of the entire project at the same time. The other is when I thought only professionals in the knitting world could try such a feat, I then realized that I have become what I have dreamed about! To make the whole scenario even more fun, I get to blog about these crazy challenges. 😀

My schedule will go as follows:
Simultaneously cast on and knit the Sylvi sleeves during opening ceremonies. As soon as the sleeves are done, the first Fiddlehead Mitten is cast on and knit. After the mitten is finished without its lining, the Pash-Greena will be cast on and two skeins will be used out of the allotted five. The rotation goes back to Sylvi…

Of course all of this scheduling is subject to change, especially if I decide to drive up to New England tomorrow. (I am still on the fence about that, but I dislike the idea of being alone for Valentine’s Day.)

If anyone can wish this crazy bunny luck, I will need it! (Or at least lots of wine, beer, and aspirin for the pain in my wrists…) =:8

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