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The Flight of Time

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Whew! Huge apologies to everybunny. I had looked at the calendar this morning and realized that I have not blogged for some time when I meant to do so each week. There have been a lot of events, some crazy some just plain fun, but all have been adventurous. I will do my best to provide a quick summary…

December 31st:
While my friend Jessica (@bumbl_be) and I were eating the pints of Jeni’s Ice Creams that just arrived, Richie calls me on my iPhone. He asks what I was doing, and I told him about Jessica and Jeni’s. His response, “Hmm… Maybe I’ll have some today.” I had a whirring thought that he ordered some, and conversed about some other topics. He then said, “Maybe I should have some Jeni’s NOW.” I stopped mid-sentence. I asked, “Where ARE you?” He responded, “In your parking lot.”
That cheeky bugger!! Of course with his visit, we ended up missing the Juniper Moon Farm‘s Open House on New Year’s Day. At least we saw the Hokies spank the Volunteers (Let’s go TECH!!) and drove up to Mountain Lake to see the snowed in hotel where the movie “Dirty Dancing” was filmed.

January 8th:
I had a fabulous belated Christmas celebration with my parents and sister’s family. The handknit presents were a hit, except for the hat that was too small for my brother-in-law. That’s more than okay; his Mom, the wonderful Edith, took it off his hands. 🙂 My niece loved her Twinkle scarf, my sister loves her Pretty Thing, and my Mother loves both her red dress hat and Little Parade. My Daddy’s Koolhaas was quickly snatched by my Mother. Note to self: Make Ma lots of hats!

I had lunch with my BFF Anita and her son Aidan in Kelly’s Tavern at Pembroke Mall. Afterwards we visited my friend Brett at Artistic Creations Gallery. It was a nice time catching up with them!

January 13th:
Now that my darts are back (they were in my Civic), I popped into The London Underground Pub to see if I can challenge Ron (@ronaldb) to a game of Cricket. He was not there, but Sara his teammate was. Twisting my arm, she talked me into participating in “Luck of the Draw” on that Saturday. Little did I know how darts would change my social life in Blacksburg! I met so many folks since then, my time is a whirlwind.

January 21st:
Since I have joined two darts leagues, I decided to practice one day after work. Doing so, I met the delightful Patsy and Eva, part of the Martinettes. These women are in a group that welcomes lady newcomers to the New River Valley area. I attended my first meeting that Saturday (the 23rd) and am awed by their cheerfulness and excitement with life. Already I have been asked to display some of my fibery goods and to teach a workshop on knitting. I love these daring ladies! They refuse to keep still and take life by the horns.

Another cool bit? During my usual Friday night stop at Lefty’s on the 22nd, I met some of the fun and intelligent folks behind “The Plaid Avenger” of John and Katie Pritchard. John created the Plaid Avenger to keep folks abreast of what is going on with the world’s society. He teaches various geography classes at VA Tech. The one that caught my ear was his “Wines of the World” class. Boy, that would be fun to participate in those tastings discussions!

January 26th:
Today I start a fun adventure. I get to chat about STITCHES on my blog “On the Road to STITCHES” at Knitting Universe’s KniTalk Community!! The topics I will be discussing would be what knitterly items I want to make and wear for the trip, the classes I will be taking, the events I am lining up to see, and of course all the goodies that the Market is offering! As for Bigsock, no worries! I will be there too, so make sure you find some time to help the attempt on breaking the current Guinness Book World record for the largest handknit sock!!

If wondering about the Boys, they are alive and well. Caesar is as hungry as ever, and Julius is as mischievous. I have learned that if Julius is in my bedroom in the morning, I best get out of bed ASAP. Why? If I do not, he (ahem) will use my laundry basket as a litterbox. Crazy bunnies!! =:8

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