My 3 Words for 2010

Posted on 5, January 2010 by

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The renowned Chris Brogan issued a challenge for folks everywhere to use three words to describe each person in the year 2010. Unlike his, I had been using various phrases. The gamut has been from the motivating “Tough it out” or “Get ‘er done” to the laid-back “Just knit it” and “Heck with it” ones. Finally I have gone back to the drawing board and present the words that best describe my upcoming goals:

      Drive – This word’s two-fold definitions are both a verb and noun. When I refuse to give up a cause and will instead go forward, I shall take control of my actions and responsibly steer myself towards the best solution. Since I am constantly on the go and purposefully making waves to promote change, I shall do so earnestly and with a genuine smile. My love for whatever project I participate will show through every single action I make.
      Care – Lately being mindful to all around me has been taking a back seat except when I am knitting or studying. My inability to express myself on my blog and instead use Twitter/Facebook has hindered multiple opportunities for growth. I have been losing touch with friends and comrades because I have been so engrossed in what affects myself directly. From now on, I shall be writing in-depth articles in a timely manner instead of relying on blurbs that tell a partial story to a limited audience. Personally for myself, little distractions always prove largely disastrous. I shall not let the passionate fervor for what I love affect the meticulous details required in the rest of my daily life.
      Acknowledgment – There are 3 segments to this word; each are equally important to describe their sense and purpose.

    1. I sometimes forget to thank the folks who add me to their blog reads, LinkedIn contacts, Ravelry/Facebook/Plurk friends, and Twitter followings. Without all of you, I would be out of touch with the world.
    2. I am deeply appreciative of those friends who send me uplifting words whenever I am down (believe it or not, I am not always the hoppy bunny I seem to be). Your support is an immense crutch that I lean on heavily.
    3. I am especially grateful to those people in my life who have helped me in numerous ways financially to get me on my feet. Somehow, someway, I will pay it all back whether by using my hands to make something, or in monetary return. This year I will not just try, but will do the utmost not to ignore my fellow friends and family.

Here is when I offer myself to everybunny’s thoughts and opinions. What 3 words would describe yourself for this year? =:8