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Why ‘F’ Words Are Bombs

9, April 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I was faced with a life-changing experience that altered my own life’s viewpoint. The experience was not mine in which to own, but it was close enough that I analyzed everything around me and gratefully considered myself lucky. That is when I realized my important “F” words: family, friends, fiber, […]

It’s All in the Risk

26, March 2012


When I signed up to write a guest post for Ruth, I thought I had selected a topic that was easy-peasy. After much debate and with current political issues screaming for attention, I became indecisive on which one of the major decisions I made in these past 2-1/2 years was the biggest risk. Finally I […]

My 3 Words for 2010

5, January 2010


The renowned Chris Brogan issued a challenge for folks everywhere to use three words to describe each person in the year 2010. Unlike his, I had been using various phrases. The gamut has been from the motivating “Tough it out” or “Get ‘er done” to the laid-back “Just knit it” and “Heck with it” ones. […]