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WWKIP Day 2016 with Pals

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If there is one wish I could be granted, it is to have more time to visit with friends around the world simultaneously. On Saturday I was able to do a bit of that by meeting with various pals during the 2016 international celebration of Worldwide Knit in Public (WWKIP) Day. Last year I celebrated the day with my guild, The Knitting Guild of Tidewater. That day was perfect for sitting in the shaded porch of the local museum.

For #WWKIPDAY: just #knittin' on the porch. #GloucesterKnitting #guild

By studying the differences in the photos, you can clearly see the major common component: All of us came together to knit in public. Why such a fuss on playing with yarn in such a display? Knitting (and other fibery crafts) are still stereotyped as “old lady” activities. WWKIP Day created an awareness that handcrafting with yarn and fiber is not something that elderly women do, but it is an artisan craft practiced by all ages, genders, and races. So instead of showing off what I was knitting, I have photos of my pals that were able to attend Baa Baa Sheep’s celebration at The Chrysler Museum of Art, and afterwards at Baa Baa Sheep. I hope you enjoy the photos, and please feel free to share this post with friends who were there too.

Bunny hugs,
Kimberly =:8

Snapping a quick selfie with Kiki Rangel of SentaraA few of my Thursday night pals (from left to right): Charmaine, Nicole, Mich, (myself) and Laura

The wicked awesome Yarn Bomb sculpture from Baa Baa Sheep's shop group

Laura, Corrina and me representing Coffee and Crochet (and Knit!)Juanita and I posing in front of the Yarn Bomb on WWKIP Day 2016 at The Chrysler Museum of Art

Cheryl Bond and Teresa Hammon with me on WWKIP Day 2016WWKIP Day 2016 at Baa Baa Sheep

Posing with the living scuplture created for Baa Baa Sheep on WWKIP Day 2016
SlytherBun feeling the fountain's spray in the garden at The Chrysler Museum of Art

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