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Facing Fears on Fridays

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I know I am reiterating a past post with this topic, but I have become quite cynical and untrusting enough to leave my home except for “safe” places. I figured rewriting about these fears will help me overcome them…

Have you ever been afraid to try something new? The “something” can be as simple as an exotic (to you) food, an expensive yarn, a new programming language, or even visiting an area you have never seen. Through my life’s travels I have met people who are afraid of attempting anything new. They seemed to fit one of three profiles: lazy, ignorant, or unconfident.

    Okay maybe “lazy” would be a bit harsh, but when a person will not make an effort because s/he does not feel like it is worth the energy to do so, I had to pop that reaction out of my mind.

Because I despise the thought of being fearful, I have been working on overcoming various phobias and peeves that turned me into a social recluse. In order to acknowledge them I have set Fridays as my “Face the Fear” post in which I describe a fear (or more) that I tackled during that week. So let’s kick off this post, shall we?

This past Friday I drove up to Washington D.C. with my friend Nicole in order to attend the Summer Session of The National Needlearts Association. It had been four years since I attended, and I was nervous as I was excited. Though various changes had occurred in The Industry, mostly everyone and everything was the same. I hugged a multitude of friends and acquaintances and updated them with my life and work at Westminster Fibers. I proudly showed off the family photos that were kept in my JUL Designs’ Traveler notebook. Unfortunately since all but one of the photos includes BFF/CraftyWineaux, I can only show you one of them.

Kimberly and SB in Matchy Matchy Ann Kingstone Pullovers
Kimberly and SB in Matchy Matchy Ann Kingstone Pullovers

Can you believe that SlytherBun is now three (3) years-old? Time flies when you are having fun. And speaking of fun, I will be writing about the many updates I gave/heard at TNNA for the next few weeks. I figured there is no possible way I can squeeze everything into one post. But at least I can tease you with some photos on Instagram like this one with FickleKnitter Michelle Miller and Holiday YarnsJennifer Vancalcar.

Now for the two fears I faced: Driving in Washington DC and driving at night. After living in Rhode Island and commuting to Massachusetts for a dozen years, I still could not believe the nutty traffic that I experienced last Friday. My nerves have definitely become pampered after all the driving that BFF does for me, and this time I did not have any yarn to pet to calm my nerves. You’d think I have never driven in high volume traffic, yet with all the venting and spouting I did, I still drove. I will need more time to adjust.

Until then, I hope to see you at Baa Baa Sheep‘s WWKIP Day event at the Chrysler Museum tomorrow. I’ll be there to kick off Annie and Kathleen’s Corset Knit-a-Long using their ModeKnit Yarns ModeLuxe DK’s Jade colorway. To say I am excited about this project is an understatement. Bunny hugs… =:8

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