Clapotis with ADD… Who, me??

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For years it has been suggested in my family that I may have Attention Difficiency Disorder. I im interested in so many subjects and topics, that college classes would be a hit-and-miss and my want to be a Renaissance master seemed pretty possible. In fact, I have always said that if I came into a huge amount of money via the lottery, I would become a full-time college student so I can earn all the degrees I wanted — electrical engineering, textile engineering, architecture, fabric design, horticulture, the list goes on and on.

Well today I took a read on one of my favorite techie blogs, Real Tech News, and found this ADD entry by Alice Hill. I could not believe my eyes. Maybe my family was right after all? This morning is a great example of it…

Right at this very moment I am actually working. Yes, as in my daytime job working, not my weekend yarn store working. We have some upgrades being done on our network and we need to be sure our web applications still work with them. Joe, our server farm guru, is running the first part of the procedures now, and when he is finished, I can start that one section of testing. Fortunately for me, I am also working from home via our VPN. So until I start my “real” work, I can create this post, and maybe finish a chore or two. 🙂

Before my daytime work assignment, I actually was up at 7:30 because I KNEW if I did not get online then, I would have some fiasco that would prevent me from logging into work. I was able to catch up on some reading (hence RTN’s ADD article), bug the bunnies, and take some pictures for you to check out. I “tried” unloading the dishwasher, but figured the top rack can wait until I am done here on the computer. So I have these photos for you to see…

The beginnings of the Nor’Easter…

And my first day’s work on Clapotis — only a few more increases to go before the straight section!
I need to fix my last posts. For some reason one of my plug-ins stopped working is now offline… Oh, and Happy 37th to Eric! =:8

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  1. Aah, your Clapotis is coming along. I got to drape up in mine this am as it hit the cool 60’s here today, nothing like you Nor’Easter (Brrrr) Were you born in the year of the Rabbit?

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