V (Heart) Day and a Snag in the Clapotis –> UPDATE!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am sharing a sky-shot tribute to Sandy that I hope you could appreciate…

And I have run into a snag while finishing the first ball (all 313 yards of it, BABY!) of my Clapotis. I never noticed until last night that the frogged yarn is more weathered than the unused ball that I used. Which means that 2/3 of the Clapotis will be softer looking than the brighter 1/3 that I knitted. Oh, boy. 🙁 At this point, I am debating on continuing on or just making another Clapotis. I really want to use the yarn, and am thinking that with enough wear and tear, the shades might not be noticible. OR, I can attempt to sun-bleach the fabric now, work on another project, and hope that the WIP lightens up enough for me to finish by the Closing Ceremonies. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I will go on (No, not like Titanic, thank you). So 313 yards down, 626 to go. Thanks to everyone here and on Team Clapotis for your input!

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  1. Beautiful picture!
    Wow tough decision about Clapotis. I can feel your predicament and I know after staring at it a bit you’ll decide what is right for you. I’m always tempted to knit on if I’m toward the end. It could be Clapotis for home use only:)

  2. i say finish it. you’re so far along already, you might as well. if you don’t like it by the time you bind off that last stitch, you can frog it then.

  3. Such a beautiful photo! The moon is hard to capture! Great job! 🙂
    I would have knit onward on the clapotis. After you wear it, it will not be noticeable. Plus during wearing, it is not stationary. It is dynamic, moving and all at different levels, the eye will not pick up the differences!
    Knit on!

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