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More Thanks to Give

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Now that one weight of news has occurred, here is another: on November 11th, my BFF and I decided to elope with only our parents present. Our original plan of having the wedding at our friends’ home in Meadows of Dan has been adjusted. Since our rings are on order, they will be blessed in a springtime ceremony. Yes, it was a bit sudden, and I do apologize for the surprise. But after remembering what brides go through for months (and sometimes years) of planning, I did not want to re-live such craziness. In a week’s time, I managed to find a celebrant, venue, flowers, reception, dress, shoes, and crochet myself a pretty scarf (details HERE). Because of the simplicity, there was no need to fuss. The only angst was that our parents were meeting for the first time, and mothers will always be mothers. 😉

Wedding Walk
Wedding Walk along the Beach

Because of the quick timing, no honeymoon plans were made except for the future ones that we lightly discussed. Enter Anna Zilboorg’s email message congratulating us, and I found myself telling Christopher, “All I want for my birthday is to visit Anna and David.” Since my birthday was the day after the holiday, we scurried up schedules and coordinated timing for a trip to Meadows of Dan. I think the Thanksgiving and birthday dinner photos speak for themselves, yes?

The turkey stuffed silly
The spread of Thanksgiving sides
Cat Bordhi's bread basket and Anna's praline sweet potatoes

My full plate
Peanut Butter Pie and Pumpkin Pie
My cake made by Anna

Now call me sentimental, but I loved everything about that weekend. Besides Anna’s baking a Peanut Butter Pie, Pumpkin Pie and that awesome chocolate applesauce birthday cake, she and David had something special for us:

Champagne for Christopher and me

Re-living all of these fond memories has made me hungry, so time to get some breakfast. My next post will be about yarn-related things or on marketing strategies, I promise! =:8

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  1. What a beautiful post and such kindnesses bestowed upon you by Anna and David. Makes my heart warm. So happy for you both!

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