Plying through WIPs and Gifts

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Wow folks, the comments knocked my socks off! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I am glad that I was not alone in my feelings about that charity blanket. The part that upset me most was that I had to knit up the square(s) first before being given the address. My pride felt more sting out of that one. Now, let us move on to much more positive vibes. 🙂

This weekend, I concentrated on both charity knitting and newborn gifts. Three folks at work had babies recently, so I have been plowing through miniature socks and hats. Inbetween, I have been working on my Red Scarf Project by testing out different patterns with different yarns. I want to make sure the scarf is machine washable yet warm. I am thinking about combining a strand of mohair with red acrylic — a trick I read about on the Dulaan Project Yahoo group to create warmth and washability. During all of this knitting, there is another Charity knit that warrants attention.

The Soaring Eagles Project collects knitted items for school-aged children. To quote the site, “Please knit hats, beanies, headbands, mittens, whatever you would like to help our cause.The pieces will be given out to students in a grade level assembly on December 20th or 21st.” Sizes needed are for ages 4 to 12 years-old. I am sending over as many mittens and hats that I can. All items need to be received by the 18th of December — only 2 weeks away. Hope you can help out!! =:8

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  1. I just read about Soaring Eagles over at Norma’s. I had planned on being done with charity knitting but I don’t think I can resist this one so I’m going to try and get at least a couple of hats done for them.

  2. The Soaring Eagles Project sounds so good, I would definitely have taken part in it if the deadline wouldn’t be so close – I’m afraid I don’t have a chance getting anything knitted up *and* sending it overseas to arrive at the 18th. ;( But I think it’s so fantastic that you’re doing such a lot of charity knitting – every little piece helps!

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