FO Driven

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If you felt the earth moving Sunday, it was probably because I was performing the “Happy FO Dance” after binding off the last stitch for Lorain’s Diamond Fantasy Scarf. I did stop after the 6th repeat only because the depth (from mid-shoulders to the center bottom) of this unblocked scarf measured close to 20-inches! Can you all imagine if I knitted more sections? The overall fabric would be HUGE.

Needless to say, I wanted to call the world with the good news that I finished what I consider a major lace project. Here is my thought stream: “Hmm, no answer at Cathy’s. She must be out and about town. Wait! I need to call Anita to chat about the pictures she emailed me of Aidan! Quick, to the BAT LINE! Na-na-na-na; Na-na-na-na. We have an answer!” And all this while dancing around the living room with lots of jumping and stomping. I am sure the bunnies LOVED me. But I am Mommy of the House, and that makes me Head Bunner, which means I can do what I want while Rich is at his mom’s. You can tell I am giddy with happiness! 🙂

When I called Anita, she had some good news to share with me about Aidan. First she asked if I had spoken to my sister, Abby. Saying no to her question, she broke the news: Aidan’s baptism was this upcoming Saturday, and my sister and BIL are going to be the Godparents! How cool is that? I quickly reviewed the upcoming weekend. Being a holiday for the US, I could possibly swing taking Friday and Monday off. Hmmm… I gushed to Anita that I would not miss the baptism for the world, and what my plans for coming down to VA Beach were. Now both of us were excited. More Happy Dancing and Stomping ensued. Since Anita and Michael were about to head to his parents’ (or was it his sister’s?) home, we quickly said our good-byes and I gave her a 75% chance I would be there. I of course called my sister after hanging up the phone. 🙂 Abby was also excited over the idea of my being home. Since Daddy’s birthday is this Sunday, we can put this trip as a big surprise for him when we meet up at Church on Saturday. Woo-hoo! I’m a goin’ back HOME! And the neatest part? Ace (my pet name for Abby) and I will be going surfing too. I was so stoked after the phone call, I did MORE knitting after all that dancing. After all, I now have a baby blanket to do, actually two if you count Desmond’s (Theodore’s brother).

Inspired by my unblocked shawl, I decided to tackle Helene’s birthday present, my 6th Clapotis in Reynolds’ Rapture. This aran worsted weight yarn is half silk and half wool, and knits up beautifully and quickly with size US9/5.5mm needles. Months ago, I found this yarn at Fabric Place and bought all 6 hanks after trying to decide which color(s) I wanted. Unfortunately for me, waiting to decide does have a price, and the blue and 3 hanks of green were left. BUT, what I had bought is PERFECT for the Clapotis and for Helene. I will try to get a picture of Helene modeling it when I give it to her. Until then, please be content to wait for a “just finished” shot. =:8

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