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This morning I awoke to a dream where I noticed some folks who were speeding ahead and passing me like there was no tomorrow. Letting them by, I was ambling along in my little Civic, turned into a parking lot and starting looking for a space when an officer in his unmarked police car gestured me to stop and pull over. Confused and upset, I woke up. What a horrible dream! Maybe the dream is a sign to beware? The police officers have their end of month/quarter quota to fill in my area, so that would also explain the influx of tickets being given to my fellow drivers. In fact, my last speeding ticket was about 2 1/2 years ago, so I guess I am due, and that would be a nasty surprise. 🙁

Checking the clock (it was 8:30AM) I realized that I slept in later than planned. I began thinking of what I wanted to do today, and started reviewing ideas for the Amazing Lace Challenge #3: Poetry. I absolutely adore poetry and prose, and my all-time favorite book is “1000 Beautiful Things” which is a tome of quotations, novel excerpts, and poetry. My father’s original book is in my possession, and it was one of the items that my sister and I argued over a few years back. When Rich and I were married, I found copies to give to my attendants. So now my sister has a mint edition for herself with no need to ask about Daddy’s battered one. Notice I did not elaborate on what I am writing for Challenge #3? I am still working on it, but when I finish it, you will see the entry on the sidebar up top. So a surprise in waiting. Instead I leave you one of my distractions, another Clapotis (my 6th!) in Reynolds’ luxurious half silk and half wool Rapture halfway done with 3 more balls to go. 😉

Today is such a rainy day, I would call it napping weather. Rich and I met up with mom at Denny’s for breakfast. We originally were going to eat at Pete’s Coney Island, but it was closed. While at Denny’s we discovered at the table next to our booth that a woman about mom’s age and her friend/relative had left a cute white dog (looked like a shaved Westie to me) in a closed car. A stranger had walked up to their table and basically told her in a very not amused tone that the dog seemed very thirsty, was panting very heavily, and that the car windows were not even cracked open. Seeing how our booth and 2 other tables around the owner were immediately talking amongst ourselves on the situation, the dog’s owner finally walked out to her car and opened the window. My guess is that she was worried on getting the car’s interior wet over her dog cooking inside. You do not want to know what the other tables were saying! Those murmuring folks must have made the women uncomfortable, because they quickly finished their meal and left. After they walked out, I had remarked to mom that someone should call her plate into the SPCA (I could not see it from my angle), and of course mom grabbed it for me in case I can report it. A bad surprise for that woman with the RI vanity plate using number… 😉

When we came home from Rich’s haircut, a little white box was waiting for me. I peeked at the return address, squealed, and almost dropped my purse, knitting napsack and Denny’s leftovers from picking it up. Rich laughed and said he would grab it, but I refused. That box is MINE! I quickly opened up the box and viewed the contents before I realized that I needed to photograph them. Ruh-roh! So I carefully placed everything back as best I could, and have pictures to show you in order of appearance. First, the opened box complete with blue paper for June’s Project Spectrum. I really like how white ribbon looks against the paper, too.

Next, the cool knitting card. I need to get me a box of those cards or these!

I have next a Chibi and a soft fuzzy sheep!!

And last, but not least, Marble in the Berries colorway!! I did my 2nd Knitting Olympic Clapotis in the pink color of this yarn, and LOVED making it. Click on the picture for a closeup…

Yup… Are they not cool or what!! Thank you very much Debbie!!

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