Alive with Tales to Tell (Last but not least, Part 3)

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I caught up with one of my former co-workers via AIM late Monday night. Laurent had traded his software developer job for a totally new career — scuba diving instructor. He and his wife Laura had moved from their homeland of France to Denmark, then moved to Australia’s capital city of Sydney. Recently when I visited his site, “Laura et Laurent” it was (and still is) offline. I had asked him about it, and it turns out that when he decided to change site providers, the company hosting his site also decided to give him a hard time. Meanwhile, his scuba diving school is going well and he is having a blast! I also found another site to see some of his underwater photography. The site is in French, and the few pictures that he posted are gorgeous! I wish you could see his actual site with all the places he has dove around. Those photos are really breathtaking.

Tuesday was Knit Club night at Fabric Place. Cathy and I caught up with everyone and their projects. We all learned a little bit more about each other and ourselves and gossiped for a bit. I was a very good girl; all that yarn, notions, and books on sale and I bought NOTHING! Can you believe it?? However, I was “Project Spectrum” inspired on the way home, and did this…

When Rich came downstairs from his office, he looked at me quizzically, shook his head, and walked to his laptop. I think he was hoping that the yarn is for sale! Now here is another scary thought; I have about another 10 skeins/hanks/balls to add to this color spectrum. Oh MY!! =:8

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