Alive with Tales to Tell (Part 2)

Posted on 13, April 2006 by

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After a nice weekend, I still felt I needed to be surrounded with fiber. Actually I had already set it up to work from home on Monday so I could make the KnitOut-&-Crochet meeting in Boston, MA. I have always believed that being a physical warm body and face in a meeting brings more depth into what you contribute. And besides that, data could be missed that was mentioned. As a reminder, here is last year’s button with the link to the site.

I took the opportunity of the commuter rail to work on Namaste. I was so entrenched with creating the bag’s cord holes that I was shocked when we pulled into Ruggles. The meeting went well, and I received my assigned duties. No, I will not say anything about what we discussed because: 1) nothing is completely set in stone, and 2) I want you to come see what we are doing at the KnitOut-&-Crochet! However, if do want to make the trip to Boston this fall, I will be sitting at Bloggers’ table again. 😉

On the way back from Downtown Crossing, I spied a night sky that Sandy would love. Click on the photo to see where I found it.

And yes, on the commuter rail trip back, I worked on Namaste, and did finish it when I came home. Now I just need to find time to make those matching socks… =:8