Alive with Tales to Tell (Part 2)

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After a nice weekend, I still felt I needed to be surrounded with fiber. Actually I had already set it up to work from home on Monday so I could make the KnitOut-&-Crochet meeting in Boston, MA. I have always believed that being a physical warm body and face in a meeting brings more depth into what you contribute. And besides that, data could be missed that was mentioned. As a reminder, here is last year’s button with the link to the site.

I took the opportunity of the commuter rail to work on Namaste. I was so entrenched with creating the bag’s cord holes that I was shocked when we pulled into Ruggles. The meeting went well, and I received my assigned duties. No, I will not say anything about what we discussed because: 1) nothing is completely set in stone, and 2) I want you to come see what we are doing at the KnitOut-&-Crochet! However, if do want to make the trip to Boston this fall, I will be sitting at Bloggers’ table again. 😉

On the way back from Downtown Crossing, I spied a night sky that Sandy would love. Click on the photo to see where I found it.

And yes, on the commuter rail trip back, I worked on Namaste, and did finish it when I came home. Now I just need to find time to make those matching socks… =:8

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! What a beautiful moon that shone over you! Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. Hey! It was awesome to meet you tonight at the Yarn Harlot reading. Thanks for saying Hi. You look so familiar to me. Perhaps we met at the Boston Knit Out last year? I was wicked shy at the Knit Out, so I didn’t really talk to anyone. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to ‘out’ myself as a blogger. Anyway … nice to meet you (again?) and I’ll be in touch about that Turtles party in Brighton, probably hosted by DoubleHelix. Ciao!

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