Assimilating the Slater Mill Guild

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With much anticipation, I was one of those eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Twist Collective Fashion Trunk Show during the 30th of September. For everybunny who does not know, on every last Wednesday of the month, the Slater Mill Knitting Guild hosts a meeting at its Community Building in Pawtucket, RI. This restored conference area combines the elegance of clean modern lines with the tasteful simplicity of yesterday. If the ghosts of Slater Mill were able to communicate, they would undoubtedly share approval of their new digs.

The mistress of ceremonies was none other than Twist Collective’s Julia Farwell-Clay, who came down from northern Massachusetts. Julia (her blog is Moth Heaven) is one of the most charismatic individuals I have ever met. I admire her work ethics and those staunch dietary habits with exercise. When asked once about her secret of losing weight, she spilled that giving up sugar was a key. We do however share a love for Jeni’s Ice Creams, and when I told her about Joppa Foods carrying the full gamut of flavors, I think I made her day!
Angela Grant and the Sleepy Monkey BlanketpaddingThe beautiful Ice Fantasia ShawlpaddingWearing Kate Gilbert's Wisteria
All of the garments were modeled by volunteers in the guild. Hoppily I participated and was able to wear my Wisteria with Kat Coyle’s Petal skirt. Surprisingly I fell in love with the skirt material’s drape and softness. I was able to wear other sweaters, and I admit that my favorite was Mari Muinonen‘s Luminen which has knitted snowflakes covering the back of the coat. However I really should be knitting up the patterns that I already purchased like Sylvi, Grant Park (if I can find a male somebunny who would want that sweater!), Licorice Sticks, the Aran Waistcoat, and Jaali.
Modeling Mari's Luminen
Because there were so many photos taken of the show, I am sharing the link to them on my flickr account. I do hope that you enjoy them! =:8

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