Australian Goodies to the Rescue!

Posted on 31, August 2006 by

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I have had a hectic week full of a massive project at work (I was working after hours from 10:30PM to around 3AM last night/today) along with my everyday work chores. Monday was my scheduled BKOAC meeting, but I ended up not making the train due to the Boyz getting into a fight over the item below.

You see, this tennis-ball sized toy holds treats or anything edible. I fill it with Sweet Meadows’ timothy pellets and we alternate who gets to roll it around to get the goodies out of the re-sizeable hole. The Boyz love it so much that the little carrot decorations are almost chewed off, and they use the opening like a bowling ball’s holes to carry the ball around with their teeth. It is cute to watch them. Now, if you notice the area under the webbing of my left hand, there is a scab and a bruise. I figured I had an hour before the train, so I gave the bunnies some out time. I then took the ball from Julius and gave it to Caesar. Julius decided he wanted the ball back, opened up the pen, and the two started fighting over this darned ball! I reached down to pick up Julius in order to put him back when Caesar’s teeth wrapped around my hand’s heel. OUCH! It is a wonder I did not drop Julius on the ground. Baaaaaad BUN-nies! No ball for either of YOU!! Of course Rich’s reaction was, “I guess you need to get another ball so they each have one.” What a smarty pants!

Anyway, with the crazy whirlwind surrounding me this week, when Rich and I arrived home from work, we spotted a package from Australia on our little lobster boot-scraper. I am not sure why I react this way every time, but my heart skipped and I started squealing like a giddy schoolgirl!

It was immediately opened and the card read. Wow! Now to check out the treats for me from my Lace Swap Pal, Helen. Drum roll, please…

The package was a tribute to her homeland of Australia. First she sent a great book for me to read, and after reading some of it, we now may have to take up Laurent and Laura’s offer on visiting them! The Rainbow Threads (for accenting projects) will be used in a felted bag I designed in my head. And the fabulous YARN! Magazine reminds me of Rebecca Magazine. I already read through the sock patterns (thank you for thinking of that for me), and will be using them to make some for Christmas gifts this year.

Here we have the luscious 175-gram cake 2-ply merino laceweight in a rich royal purple by Marta’s Yarn. The yarn is so soft and delicate; I am awed by its feel. It is accompanied by the Heartstrings Fiberarts pattern “Hanging Vines Lace Stole” which I have been eyeing for quite some time. What is better than knitting lace? Why knitting lace with chocolate! Helen included a box of chocolate covered roasted macadamia nuts that are rolled into truffle-like balls. Let’s just say that out of the box of 18, only 2 are left!

One of my favorite items (and what my hubby is dreading) are the 6 wooden magnets Helen made with her kids. I love magnets and our old fridge’s doors were covered with them. When we were married 2 years ago, we used the wedding money to purchase a new stove and refrigerator. The magnets were put away. Now I have new magnets to grace the new fridge!

Helen, thank you so much for such a great package. The 2-week shipping wait was worth every second! =:8